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Your college education is more than the sum total of classes and professors and study projects. College prepares you for life – and the Student Affairs Department makes sure you have ample opportunities to explore the possibilities.

We are an integral component in the development of all students, and our Student Affairs staff strives to know each student personally.

We offer extracurricular activities and services that encourage you to grow and mature spiritually, intellectually, and socially. We want to help you to develop fully as individuals, to respect life and human dignity, to develop mutual respect for and sensitivity to others, to value honesty, and to develop an awareness for a just society in today’s world.

Our overall goal, in union with the administration, faculty, and staff of Manor College, is to assist you in acquiring an education based on Judeo-Christian traditions, the educational traditions of the Ukrainian Sisters of Saint Basil the Great, and the overall mission of Manor College.

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