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Manor College Project Resilience

Preserving Our History, Inspiring Our Future

Manor College Project Resilience acquires and digitizes materials of significant historic and cultural value to Ukrainian Diaspora
studies for global access to preserve, enrich, and inspire future generations.

In recent years, the Ukrainian-American community has lost many active members of the great generation who founded or directed many of the key organizations that define our culture. Their extraordinary contribution is defined by their profound dedication to their country of heritage, as well as for their new community in the country in which they reside now. Their sense of devotion to community, solidarity and generosity is unparalleled in recent memory and is historic in its own right. While these pillars of society are no longer with us, they have left us their legacies, their organizations and more importantly their insights through precious documents, i.e. archives, that detailed the Ukrainian-American experience in the USA. Project Resilience collects these documents, books, videos, photos, etc. at Manor College and to preserve them, digitize them, and make them available to scholars throughout the world on a research platform to ensure their perennity.

This collection will contain immeasurable holdings that will resonate throughout the international scholarly community and draw support and attention to the preservation and inspiration of the Ukrainian-American Community, thus perpetuating the unique collection of materials. Partnerships with universities and research institutes globally would be engaged.

Can you help to build this collection and engage the community, encourage our current champions, and inspire the next generation to continue to serve? Your investment today will have a lasting impact on our heritage, culture, and families for decades to come.

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