Manor College senior accepted into Disney College Program

Manor College senior Shawn Wood will spend the Fall semester at Disney World in Orlando as part of the program.

It’s safe to say that Shawn Wood’s family is obsessed with Disney. They travel to the theme parks once every few years and check out Disney on Ice when it comes into town. Wood’s three-year-old nephew comes over often and asks, “Hey Uncle Shawn, Do you want to watch Lion King?”

So when Wood, a Manor College senior, received the opportunity to work at Disney World in Orlando as part of the Disney College Program, he jumped at the opportunity. 

“I was setting tables at the restaurant I work at when I got the news and my jaw just dropped,” Wood said. “I didn’t think it was a possibility, so when I got the email saying I was accepted, it just really surprised me.” 

The Disney College Program is a national paid-internship program where students live and work at Walt Disney World in Orlando while taking college classes. Wood hasn’t been given his assignment yet, but will work in either the restaurants or resorts for the company. 

“I just want to be able to get my feet in the door,” Wood said. “My mind is open to a lot of different things, but I know I can fit into any department.”

Wood, a Philadelphia native studying business at Manor, isn’t sure what he wants to do after graduation next Spring, but knows this experience goes a long way in furthering his education. 

“The most exciting thing for me is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disney World while still taking my college courses online,” Wood said. “I’ll still be able to graduate on time while taking advantage of this opportunity.” 

Wood believes Manor helped him prepare for the Disney College Program by opening him up as a person and focusing him as a student. 

“I used to do all my work last minute, but when I transferred into Manor College my freshman year, I needed to take myself seriously and prepare,” Wood said. “Manor showed me how to maintain a job, my life with soccer and keep my GPA going forward. I’m prepared for anything coming my way.”

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