What is Happening with the FAFSA? Here’s how Manor College Can Help.

Here’s a breakdown of what the FAFSA delay means.

The United States Department of Education recently made major changes to simplify the FAFSA. Delays in the rollout of the new FAFSA are affecting prospective students.  Students and their families do not know how much federal money they are able to receive. 

Here’s more information on the situation, how it affects students and how Manor College is able to help: 

FAFSA Delays

On January 31, the Department of Education announced it won’t be sending students’ FAFSA data to college institutions until the first half of March. Typically, that information reaches colleges in October. 

A delay in sending data means institutions like Manor College can’t send full or detailed financial aid packets to prospective students.  

The FAFSA is important because it allows students to receive federal aid, including federal student loans, work-study and Pell Grants for low-income students. 

The delay in information is because of a mistake made by the Department that could have hurt lower-income students, according to NPR.

This delay is putting pressure on prospective students when it comes to making a college decision. Many institutions require students to declare their intention to enroll by May 1, possibly leaving prospective students just a few weeks to make their financial and college decisions. 

How This Affects Manor College

Like all institutions nationally, Manor College is waiting for the FAFSA data from the Department of Education, Chris Hartman, Financial Aid Director, said. 

Prospective students are able to fill out the FAFSA, but without the data, Manor College cannot give concrete financial aid information to students. 

Hartman said that shouldn’t discourage students from going through the Admissions process. Students can apply, be accepted and deposit for the Fall semester all while waiting for the financial aid package, he said.

Manor’s Financial Aid Department is able to give estimates based on this year’s data which would alleviate some of the pressure of making a decision, Hartman said. Once the data is in, financial aid data will be processed as quickly as possible. 

“This won’t affect you if you want to come here in the Fall,” Hartman said. “Students will be able to find out what their financial aid packages are once they are completed.”

Manor College’s Rolling Admission

Another way Manor College alleviates the decision-making pressure for prospective students is the lack of a firm decision date. 

While many institutions hold firm to a May 1 enrollment deadline, Manor College operates under rolling admissions. This creates a large window for students to enroll in Manor College, which runs until classes begin in the Fall. 

“We at Manor College believe that if you belong to an institution, you shouldn’t have to choose before a certain date,” Dr. Joseph Gillespie, Manor College Provost, said. “You Belong Here at Manor College, regardless of whether you decide that before May 1st or after.”


If you’d like more information on the current FAFSA situation, need help with the FAFSA form or want to learn more about Admissions at Manor College, here are some helpful resources: 

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