Manor College Celebrates Two 30-Year Faculty Members

All recipients were officially recognized during a ceremony on December 20, 2023. 

Manor College recognized a pair of faculty members with service awards. The duo, Michael Landis and Chrystyna Prokopovych, have each dedicated 30 years of service to the college. 

Michael Landis, Professor, Division of Arts and Sciences
Professor Mike Landis

Professor Michael Landis came to Manor College as an adjunct English and Philosophy teacher. Over the years, his repertoire morphed and grew. Today, he’s still teaching, but additionally has become the program director for the Liberal Studies Baccalaureate program and the Liberal Arts Associate program. 

“Mike is an asset to Manor in the way he totally embraces and lives our Mission,” Dr. Joe Gillespie, Manor College Provost, said. “He is an asset due to his keen intellect which enhances his courses and the experiences our students have within his classes. He is willing to assist anyone with any project or challenge, no matter how big or how small.”

Landis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Muhlenberg College and a Master of Divinity from Yale University’s Divinity School.

During his time at Manor, Landis received the Outstanding Teacher Award in January 2022, the Board of Trustees Award for Faculty in May 2014 and the Teaching Excellence Award in May 2003. He delivered the Keynote Speech at the 76th Annual Manor College Founders Day in January. 

“I credit Manor College with being the transformational crucible through which the opus alchymicus that is my professional pedagogical life transpired and emerged,” Landis said. “Manor’s Institutional Mission and Institutional Constitution align perfectly with my own intellectual, academic and ethical sensibilities.

“My passion is always the students. Multiple generations of students from Gen X, Millennials and now Gen Z, helping them to kindle their native spirit of inquiry and curiosity vis-a-vis the complex world that they vitalize through their co-creative agencies.”

Chrystyna Prokopovych, Curator, Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center
Chrystyna Prokopovych (left)

Chrystyna Prokopovych joined Manor College as the curator of the Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center at Manor College. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Math from Temple University. 

“If Anne Kiczula is the heart of Manor College, then Chrystyna Prokopovych is its spirit,” Nicholas Rudnytzky, Dean of Academic Services and Continuing Education, said. “Through her curating our museum, engaging with our students not to mention her endless outreaches to the greater world at large, Chrystyna has done more for Ukrainian cultural awareness than anyone else I can think of.” 

During her time at the helm of the Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center, Manor College won the prestigious Pearl Buck Festival of Tress Award three years in a row. In 2017, she and her daughter started the Ukrainian Nest. The Nest is for children from Ukrainian families who wanted to keep Ukrainian traditions strong beyond generations. Even as COVID hit, they pivoted the program online, which has made the Nest even stronger for a larger range of people. 

“Manor has given me the opportunity to do what I love – present Ukrainian culture and history to many groups, teach workshops in Ukrainian folk art and work with children in the Ukrainian Nest,” Prokopovych said. “What I love most about working at Manor is support from both faculty and staff for projects and activities that showcase Ukrainian culture. I love the friends that I have at Manor who make me feel that I truly do belong here. 

In addition, the following members of Manor College’s faculty and staff received service awards for their time at Manor in 2023.


5 Years

Kimberly Farmer, Adjunct Professor, Early Childhood Education

Sally Nouri, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Technology and Large Animal Clinical Coordinator.

Joshua O’Neill, Adjunct Professor, Business and Technology Programs

Ed Moulton, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Carol Sweeney, Adjunct Professor, Computer and Information Technology

Rocio Rodriguez, Financial Aid Counselor


10 Years

Sharon Madden, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Christine Prince, Director of Counseling


25 Years

Victoria Caldwell, Instructor, Dental Hygiene

Manor College Holiday Party - 12/20/23