Manor College Awarded It’s On Us PA Grant

This is the sixth consecutive year Manor College has received this award. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education named Manor College among 37 institutions across the commonwealth that received a grant through the It’s On Us PA program. 

It’s On Us PA is a statewide campaign focused on ending sexual assault. It’s On Us PA brings together college and university presidents, administrators and more to reframe the conversation around sexual violence and pledge to be part of the solution. 

“The It’s On Us PA campaign cultivates change and provides colleges and universities, postsecondary career and trade schools with the support and resources necessary to protect learning environments and ensure they are free from sexual assault, harassment and violence, Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid N. Mumin said. “All Pennsylvanians deserve a safe learning environment. By participating in the It’s On Us PA grant program, higher education institutions are making their campus communities safer and more welcoming for the students who call them home.” 

The grant provides funding from January 2024 through May 2024 to implement strategies on campuses to address goals of the It’s On Us PA campaign. Those goals are: 

  • Improve awareness, prevention and response systems regarding sexual violence. 
  • Remove or reduce barriers that prevent survivors of sexual violence from reporting incidents or accessing vital resources. 
  • Demonstrate significant, practical and sustainable leadership to change campus culture by challenging Pennsylvania’s education leaders and college communities to pledge to improve their institution’s climate. 

The Commonwealth awarded Manor College $39,799 through the program. At the institution, the money will go towards Bystander Intervention Presentations with Victim Services of Montgomery County, Sexual Assault Education, Sexual Harassment/Assault prevention training, Self Defense Courses and more. 

“Receiving the grant for the sixth year in a row is such a blessing,” Allison Mootz, Vice President of Student Affairs Allison Mootz said. “The training, support services, awareness events and education we are able to provide with the help of the It’s On Us PA grant is truly amazing.”

Dr. Jonathan Peri, Manor College President, added, “No one should have to suffer sexual misconduct of any kind, and Manor takes a firm stance to ensure our community is properly educated and that our policies are enforced appropriately. This is the sixth year in a row that we’ve received this grant, which is a testament to the commitment of Vice President of Student Affairs Allison Mootz and her team.”

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