Life Experience Helps Manor College Alum Find Success in College

Amy Daskilewicz (Philadelphia, Little Flower HS) graduated from Manor College with their Associate’s Degree in Psychology in 2019.

Amy Daskilewicz admits that, for them, entering college right out of high school wasn’t a good idea. They believes they mentally wasn’t ready for the challenge. 

“I became distracted by the feeling that my parents weren’t there telling me what to do,” Daskilewicz said. “My friends were right there to hang out with all the time and I couldn’t focus.”

They dropped out of that college during their first year. Daskilewicz worked a variety of retail jobs for years. They ended up as a telemarketer for a local theater company. It was in that final job that they realized they needed to give college another try.

“I was at this real rough dead-end job and I thought, ‘I need to go back to school for something I like,’” Daskilewicz said. 

Daskilewicz’s mother knew Amy loved animals. She recommended enrolling in Manor College’s Veterinary Technology program. After a year in the program, Daskilewicz realized the science-heavy curriculum wasn’t for them. They made the switch to a degree in Psychology. 

“I thought psychology would be a great degree that could serve as a jumping off point,” Daskilewicz said. “In that first semester, I realized that psychology was much better for me.”


With life experience now under their belt, Daskilewicz discovered a newfound focus on their education. They became guarded, telling herself to focus on earning a degree and finding a good-paying job. 

Daskilewicz began to open up more after becoming a work study in Manor’s Admissions Office. 

“Everyone was so nice and personable,” Daskilewicz said. “I was able to work and do my job while becoming more comfortable socializing with others.” 

Daskilewicz worked in the Admissions Office the same year they transitioned into the Psychology program. That year, their father became diagnosed with cancer. Daskilewicz intended to keep the news to herself. 

The day after the diagnosis, they went to work in the office. Sitting down at their desk, they took a deep breath and an Admissions Counselor asked, “What’s wrong?”

Daskilewicz told them the news. The counselor comforted them and, a few days later, a fruit basket showed up at Daskilewicz’s house. Their father beat cancer, but Daskilewicz didn’t forget the care they was given from the Admissions team. 

“They looked after me when I was going through all that,” Daskilewicz said. “I was so touched. Letting other people into my world felt good.” 

Daskilewicz graduated from Manor College with her Associate’s Degree in Psychology in 2019. They later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Bryn Athyn College. 

Daskilewicz admits that their initial plan to focus on a degree was misguided. They advises students to branch out while at college.

“Working in the Admissions Office showed me it was possible to go to college and get my work done, but also enjoy the things around me,” Daskilewicz said. “Take advantage of everyone around you. I felt like I got a great education, but I was able to round it out because I got involved. That’s what helped me out in the long run.”

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