The below outlines the plan and protocols that ALL members of the Manor community will follow to ensure the guidance from the state, Montgomery County, and recognized public health experts and institutions. Together, we can ensure that our campus remains safe by consistently following the advice and guidelines provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

All faculty, staff, students and friends of Manor are encouraged to sign the Manor Pledge and do their part to keep our community safe.



Manor College Community Standards:

All individuals on the College campus will practice the following hygiene and safety protocols:

  • Wearing masks that cover both your mouth and nose while on campus (inside or outside). 
  • Upon entering the Basileiad Library, St. Josaphat Hall, and Mother of Perpetual Help Hall, all students, faculty and staff visiting campus should fill out the Daily Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire.  Individuals will be screened at a temperature checkpoint. Anyone with a temperature reading greater than 100.4 degrees will not be permitted to enter the building and be instructed as per the Suspected Infection & Infection Response of this plan as detailed below.
  • Frequently sanitizing hands by washing for 20 seconds, and/or using sanitizing wipes, and/or hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer stations are available in every classroom, lab, office and hallway. 
  • Practice safe and smart social and physical distancing, meaning staying at least 6 feet from others. 
  • Adhering to signage directives on how to navigate buildings. 
  • All persons on campus will be required to wear their Identification Card (ID) on their person at all times. 
  • Reporting immediately any health issues that may indicate exposure to and/or illness from COVID-19 to the Montgomery County Health Department and Manor College Health Services.  
  • Responding reasonably to College requests for information that can assist in identifying individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19. 
  • Adhering to quarantine guidelines and practices as directed by the College and CDC.

Suspected Infection & Infection Response – For Students

In addition to the PDE recommendations for Pre-K to 12 Schools following identification of a COVID-19 case(s), Manor College will adhere to the following:

  • If a student exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 (elevated temperature check, cough, loss of taste and smell, etc). the student will be required to leave campus and consult with a physician and follow all instructions.
  • The student will not be able to return to campus until they are fever-free for at least 48 hours without medication.
  • If a student needs to be transported for testing, they need to find their own transportation.  
  • If a student fails to comply, the Manager of Public Safety will be contacted for assistance.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are required to notify if they know they have been exposed to COVID-19. 
  • Everyone who has been exposed should self-monitor for symptoms and follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop. 
  • If a student tests positive, the Health Department will contact the Director of Health Services. Likewise, if Health Services is notified of a positive test result,  the Director of Health Services should contact the Health Department to inform them. 
    1. The Director of Health Services and COVID Response Chair will need to obtain the names and contact information of students/faculty/staff who were close contacts with said student and share that information with the health department. 
    2. Infected student’s name will remain confidential within Health Services or applicable staff, except as may be required by the MontCo Health Department.
    3. The MontCo Health Department will be responsible for contacting these students to inform them that they have been exposed.
      Commuter students with a positive test will need to return to their permanent address until quarantine is completed and this information can be provided to Manor’s Health Services. While waiting for pick up, the student will be isolated outdoors if possible, and if not, then in the St. Josaphat Residence Hall Student Lounge and will have limited interactions with others.

Travel Guidelines for All Campus Community Members (from State of PA Travel Orders) :  

All travelers over age 11 entering Pennsylvania from locations outside the Commonwealth, including Pennsylvanians who are returning home from locations outside the Commonwealth, must produce evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or place themselves in travel quarantine for 10 days upon entering, unless they receive a negative test result during the 10 day travel quarantine period.

  • This does NOT apply to:
    • Individuals traveling to and from PA for the purposes of work and individuals who are returning to PA after traveling outside the Commonwealth for less than 24 hours. 

Travel quarantine is separate and distinct from the isolation required when an individual tests positive for COVID-19 or the quarantine required when an individual has been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. This means individuals quarantining after travel, who have not been identified as a close contact, are permitted to stop quarantine once they receive a negative test result. Individuals in quarantine because they are a close contact to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 may not end quarantine early even with a negative test result.

  • Pennsylvanians returning to the Commonwealth from a location outside the Commonwealth must get a COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering the Commonwealth or after arriving in the Commonwealth. If an individual is unable to get a test, is waiting for test results, or chooses not to get a test, they must complete a travel quarantine for 10 days after entering the Commonwealth. If choosing to quarantine or if waiting for negative test results, individuals should stay in their travel destination for the full 10-day period or until they receive a negative test result.  
  • CDC now recommends two additional options for how long quarantine should last. Based on local availability of viral testing, for people without symptoms quarantine can end:
    • On day 10 without testing
    • On day 7 after receiving a negative test result

After stopping quarantine, people should:

  • Watch for symptoms until 10 days after exposure.
  • If they have symptoms, immediately self-isolate and contact their local public health authority or healthcare provider.
  • Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet from others, wash their hands, avoid crowds, and take other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.