Manor College Alum Returns for Bachelors Degree in Child Care Administration

Davion Chaney ‘22 is taking classes through Manor College’s Summer Scholars Program.

Davion Chaney (left) poses for a photo with Manor College Professor Kim Farmer at the 2022 Commencement Ceremony in May.

“I chose Manor College because of the small classroom sizes and the personalized attention,” Davion Chaney said. “What I didn’t expect were the summer classes at no tuition cost–and it has been a great way to get ahead of my degree and keep my tuition cost manageable!” 

Chaney graduated from Manor College in 2022 with his Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. He’s back at Manor earning his Bachelor Degree in Child Care Administration. 

“Yes, I definitely tried other colleges, but they were not a good fit for me,” Chaney said. “I need the attention of a smaller class and more one-to-one support from my professors that I get here at Manor College. Dr. Cherie Crosby-Weeks provides so much support to me and her other students. Her team makes sure we all stay on track.”

Currently, Chaney is an assistant director at a YMCA daycare facility. 

“I’ve been here at the Y for nine years, and in my current position for a couple of those,” he said. “The kids keep you busy, that’s for sure. Right now as I’m trying to talk, they’re calling our ‘Mr. Davion, Mr. Davion.’ I love the work I do.” 

As a Summer Scholar, Chaney is enjoying the tuition free class he’s taking. It’s EN103 Oral Communication or public speaking. 

“I don’t mind talking in front of a classroom filled with children,” he said, “but put me in front of their parents as a group and I get really nervous. This class is helping me overcome that anxiety. I’m looking forward to learning more. And free summer tuition is a real help. Everyone talks about how to make college more affordable, but Manor College is actually doing something about it.”

Chaney’s dream is to ultimately open a group home for foster children who are getting older and need specialized attention. 

“My mom just graduated from Manor College,” he said, “and she runs her own daycare. But all our lives she has been taking in foster children and giving them a loving home. I want that for more teens in the foster care system. Not just a place to eat and sleep, a place where they are cared for and encouraged to do more with their lives.”

Continuing his studies and getting his degree is his plan for now, Chaney said. He had been caring for his grandmother, Gloria Parkin or “Ms. G” until she passed away in October. 

“She was my best friend, and I miss her so much,” Chaney says. “With that chapter in my life complete, now is my time to concentrate on specific goals and prepare to graduate. Then I can launch into my big picture goal!”

“Davion is a student that fully has taken on the challenge of working full-time while obtaining his degree and being a caregiver,” says Dr. Cherie Crosby-Weeks, Chaney’s professor. “In addition, Davion, in the field of education, serves as a huge role model for the students of color, as Black male educators represent less than 2% of the teaching force nationally. Davion reminds me of the importance of having a ‘we’ mentality when it comes to caring for students we teach, advise and mentor. In education programs at Manor we collectively support the entire human being as we understand it is a critical component for students being able to work with children and families in the field.”

The Manor College Summer Scholars programs allows current enrollees who have also enrolled for fall 2024, the opportunity to take Summer classes at no tuition cost. This was made possible by grants from a number of individuals. Greg and Beverly Deavens contributed and Independence Blue Cross matched their gift (Greg is CEO at IBX), Lourene and Jim Nevels, (Jim is the Treasurer of the college’s Board of Trustees), as well as Leslie Turner and Drs. Robert and Andrea Orsher (Leslie and Dr. Orsher are also Board members). 

“These contributors not only launched the program but fostered its persistence through Summer 2026,” said Dr. Jonathan Peri, President of Manor College. “Any donations that come through offset direct costs to allow us to offer more classes and for more Summer semesters. As a result, students manage their tuition more efficiently–and advance their graduation and career goals more expeditiously. Subsequently, their families and communities thrive because of their achievements. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.”

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