What Is a Sports Management Degree and What Can You Do With It?

You don’t need world-class athletic ability to pursue a rewarding career in sports. While athletes and coaches are at the forefront, there’s an entire industry of sports management professionals keeping things running behind the scenes.

Manor College in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport Management program for those who want to break into this exciting field. Here, we discuss what a sports management degree is and explain the different options available to you after graduation.

A Manor College student stands in a gymnasium dressed in business attire.

What Is a Sports Management Degree?

Sports management pertains to the business side of sports. It encompasses every facet of overseeing an athletic organization, sporting event, or other sports entity. Covering the necessary areas of study, a degree in sports management gives students the knowledge and skills required to pursue a role in the sports management industry.

The topics students learn while pursuing a sports management degree include:

  • Business law
  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Event management
  • Facility management
  • Analytics
  • Health science

What Jobs Can You Get With a Sports Management Degree?

A career in sports management doesn’t necessarily mean working with a professional organization. There are several career paths one can pursue with a background in sports management. Many different entities involved in sports employ individuals with a sports management degree.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport Management degree program at Manor College, students can choose to pursue a wide range of opportunities. Common career choices for sports management graduates include:

  • Athletic director
  • Promotions manager
  • Sports marketing
  • Equipment merchandising
  • Facilities management
  • Fitness coach
  • Special events coordinator
  • Sales and ticketing manager
  • Sports agent
  • Operations manager

Graduates of the program can choose to further their studies through various educational opportunities. Doing so better prepares those who wish to pursue a specialized role within the sports management field.

Sports Management at Manor College

The B.B.A. program offered at Manor College is 120/121 credits in total and explores pertinent business and sports management topics in detail. Students gain knowledge about the fundamentals of business, including communication, business math, information literacy, and sales strategies. They will then delve into more specialized sports management coursework. This coursework teaches students about all aspects of managing sports and recreation facilities, from planning and design to staffing and financing. It also goes over specific considerations for sports management, including marketing, fundraising, and public relations.

Manor College is committed to offering a tailored education to its students. We provide small class sizes for all our academic programs, such as sports management. Our dedicated teaching professionals provide rigorous technical training to our students, which prepares them to become competitive applicants upon graduation.

A student’s academic experience at Manor College goes beyond the classroom. We provide a range of academic resources and support to help students achieve their educational goals.

Discover More at Manor College

Anyone interested in turning their passion for sports into a rewarding career should consider pursuing a sports management degree from Manor College. Our Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport Management program offered at our campus in Jenkintown, PA, introduces students to the field of sports management. Throughout the program, students will become knowledgeable in the various aspects of sports management. With this knowledge, students will be able to pursue an assortment of fulfilling careers in the world of sports.

To learn more about sports management and the possible opportunities that await you, contact us today at Manor College.