Student Emergency Fund: Giving Back to Students Who Need It

Doesn’t it feel great to give to a good cause? Something you can do that will directly impact Manor College students is donate to the Student Emergency Fund. Amanda Irwin, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, heads this fund. “My role as the assistant director of annual giving is to coordinate giving initiatives that support the emergency fund, as well as coordinate different tactics to get students interested in giving back,” explains Irwin. “The emergency fund helps students facing unexpected financial hardships that will make it more difficult to pay for their education at Manor.”  Financial setbacks can contribute to students not continuing with their studies. This fund was introduced back in Spring of 2018.

How the Fund Works

This fund can help in different situations. Irwin explains: “The unexpected financial hardship would be something major like a death in the family, a house fire, or sudden loss of employment. So something really big that would cause them to switch their financial focus.” Rather than creating a class gift last spring, students donated to the fund. “It started as a way for students to give back to their peers, and as a way for students who do experience these financial hardships to continue their education.”

Future of the Fund

Any student experiencing emergency hardship can apply to the fund. Irwin further explains this:  “Students who do experience these financial hardships would complete an application with the Dean of students Ali Mootz. She would decide then who would get the fund. We raised over $200 from students last spring from the fund. It was nice to see students get involved and give back last year.” Irwin thinks that this fund will have a large impact in the future.“If this tradition of students giving to the emergency fund every spring continues, it will grow and impact more and more students that may face this hardship. And other donors, not just students, have donated to this fund. Outside supports will really increase this fund as well.”

Upcoming Events

There are many opportunities coming up in which students and employees at Manor can donate money to enlarge the fund. One event is Coin Wars, which will begin today, April 15th. This is a way for the Manor community to donate to the fund while also participating in a fun, school-spirit competition. This event will go for two weeks, ending until the first day of final exams. Another event coming up for this fund will be the Graduation Picnic dunk tank. Ten students, professors, or advisors will get dunked after money is donated.

Making an Impact Where it Counts

Irwin has worked very hard to make this fund happen. Why? For Irwin, it’s all about knowing the difference this fund will make in students’ lives. “I think my favorite part is how impactful this is for a student going through a tough time in their life. Like any major financial situation like a house fire or death in the family. Those are very emotional and stressful times for people. And because of the student emergency fund, it’s nice that students not paying for school is one less thing they have to do during this tough time.”

 If you would like more information, email Amanda Irwin at or Allison Mootz at

by marketing intern William Rodebaugh