1 out of 5 students who withdraw from Manor do so because of financial reasons.

“With the Student Emergency Fund, students have the assurance that they are valued and cared for. I never thought college would be an option for me. With the help of a friend, I went to college and learned to never let my circumstances stop me from getting an education. Manor College gave me the tools necessary to succeed academically and helped me to cultivate lifelong relationships with many professors and staff members. ” Deborah Turner, BTL ‘17

Support the Student Emergency Fund and help students like Deborah continue their education at Manor College. The Student Emergency Fund helps Manor College students who face unexpected financial hardships that could impact their ability to stay at Manor. Circumstances that could qualify for support include a death in the family, a house fire, or the sudden loss of employment.  

Funds awarded will directly benefit a student’s school-related expenses. Your generous support allows students to successfully continue their education at Manor College.

*Manor Student Emergency Fund awards will be made on applications received after the start of the Fall 2018 semester as determined by the Office of Student Life.  Contact Dean of Students, Allison Mootz (amootz@manor.edu) for more information on criteria and the application process.