Dear Friends and Family,

We are making a difference in the lives of families by supporting first generation college students who seek to build a better life through education.  As the first generation in our families to have attended college, we understand how essential it is for students to be given a fair chance at a quality education.  With that said, we have established the Lourene and Jim Nevels Family and Friends Scholarship Fund specifically to help fellow first-generation college students attend Manor College.

Will you join our work in meeting the needs of these first generation college students? Know that your generosity will afford them the opportunity to advance beyond circumstances by building a strong foundation through education.  Remember the help you’d been given–or the blessings you received–and the difference it made in your lives.

With thanks,

Lourene & Jim Nevels
Trustee and Supporters of Manor College

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Thank you to our sponsors

President’s Circle Sponsor
Greg and Beverly Deavens
Kenneth Langone
Lourene and James Nevels
James and Marguerite Pearson
Leslie Turner and the Jeanette Turner, RN, Memorial Fund

Basilian Sponsor
James White, Sr.
Timothy and Lizanne Bernlohr

Honor Roll Sponsor
Timothy Davidson
Carol and Jim Fitzgerald
John Luke
Dennis M. McGrath
Michael and Linda Morris
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Michael Vovakes

Blue Jay Sponsor
Gilbert and Ada Casellas
Lloyd  Colona
Anne-Marie Craig

Mission Sponsor
Janis Checchia
Samuel Cimino
Natalia Koropeckyj
Allison and Jesse Mootz

Your support creates a future for our Blue Jays

The More Knowledge, the Better!

“My mom and dad are really proud that I’m the first in my family to attend college. I’m paying for my tuition with my own job. I graduate soon, and I want to continue here at Manor to learn more and get an even better job. This is going to help get my foot in the door. The more knowledge, the better! My younger sister also started attending college, and I’d like to think I helped motivate her. Thanks to the Nevels for providing this scholarship—it helps more than you know.”

– Recipient of the Nevels Friends and Family Scholarship 2022-2023