Nevels Family and Friends Endowed Fund

The Nevels Friends and Family Endowed Fund will provide years of hope to students who are the first in their families to succeed in college. Your gift will contribute to a legacy that will last for generations!

$10,000 – President’s Circle Sponsor

$5,000 – Dean’s List Sponsor

$2,500 – Basilian Sponsor

$1,000 – Honor Roll Sponsor

$500 – Blue Jay Sponsor

$250 – Mission Sponsor

Thank you to our sponsors

President’s Circle Sponsor
Greg and Beverly Deavens
Kenneth Langone
Lourene and James Nevels
James and Marguerite Pearson
Leslie Turner and the Jeanette Turner, RN, Memorial Fund

Basilian Sponsor
James White, Sr.
Timothy and Lizanne Bernlohr

Honor Roll Sponsor
Timothy Davidson
Carol and Jim Fitzgerald
John Luke
Dennis M. McGrath
Michael and Linda Morris
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Michael Vovakes

Blue Jay Sponsor
Gilbert and Ada Casellas
Lloyd  Colona
Anne-Marie Craig

Mission Sponsor
Janis Checchia
Samuel Cimino
Natalia Koropeckyj
Allison and Jesse Mootz