Class of 2021 Series: Mary Anne Evans

As the head of a veterinary externship program, Mary Anne Evans saw how a Manor College education carries a different meaning.


Mary Anne Evans ’21, pictured with her children Jeffrey, Ash and Colin.

Coming out of Manor College in 2006, Mary Anne Evans thought all veterinary technician programs were similar. She worked with animals in her early years at Manor, preparing her for what she’d face in the real world. 

It wasn’t until she became the head of the externship program at a veterinary specialist in Malvern that she realized the Manor College program is built differently.

“In other programs, they have the lectures and rely heavily on the externships for getting their students hands-on experience,” Evans says. “You get someone from Manor, you know that they know what they’re doing. There’s a bit of an edge.”

After working in the veterinary field for nearly two decades, Evans returned to Manor College in 2018 to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary: Science, Mathematics and Engineering. The separation for Manor students stems from the genuine care given to them by faculty at the institution, she said.

“I definitely wanted to go back there because I knew I’d get a better education in a smaller setting that worked for me,” Evans said. “The professors are open to different ideas and were really instrumental in guiding me towards the appropriate way to do things.” 

Evans found her guiding light with Dr. Julie Senecoff. The professor encouraged her to pursue an Interdisciplinary degree. That led her to Mary Sims, who helped Evans through several introductory law courses. 

“I’m used to science classes and here I was taking intro law classes that were outside of my realm,” Evans said, “but Mary, even through email, was very easy to talk to and helped me out so much.”

As the sole provider for her three children, Evans returned to Manor to create a better life for them by equipping herself with the right tools to advance in her career. 

The pandemic made those goals even more difficult, as Evans now helped them attend school virtually while working and taking her own classes.

In May 2021, she officially graduated from Manor College. 

“The last year has been really tough, but I knew I had to finish,” Evans said. “The end was there and I just needed to power through.”

She believes having clear goals and help from professors like Sims helped her to the finish line. 

“It’s going to be tough, but know it’s possible,” Evans said. “You have to utilize your professors. Everyone at Manor wants to see you do well and that’s important. As long as you’re willing to put the work in, you just need to know your goals and you can do it.”

Mary Anne Evans is one of several Bachelor’s graduates in the Class of 2021. To find out more about Manor College and how to apply, click here