$7,500 Diamond/Naming Sponsor

Signed book, mug, tote, pin, Yeti, logo/website on signage, plus your name above the title for one of these three events—Anniversary Book Signing, Anniversary Spring Reception, 75 Stories Website.


$5,000 Gold Sponsor

Signed book, mug, tote, pin, Yeti, plus logo/website on signage.

$1,500 Silver Sponsor

Signed book, mug, tote, pin, Yeti, plus logo/website on signage


$750 Bronze Sponsor

Signed book, mug, tote, plus commemorative pin, and name on signage


$150 Blue Jay Sponsor

Signed copy of book, mug, plus commemorative tote bag


$75 Friend Sponsor

Signed copy of book and commemorative mug


The Heritage Foundation

Leonard and Helena ’63 Mazur

Dennis and Ruth McGrath

Stasia Mento-Moloney ’86

Drs Robert and Andrea Orsher


Jim Cawley

Sandra A. Girifalco, Esq.

Dr. Brenda Roselle

SueAnn Southerland

Leslie M. Turner, Esq.

Jane and Stephen Zegestowsky


Anna Allen
Gina Burke ’82
Michael Colville
Amanda Connell
Bob DeSousa
Kathleen Flood ’67
 Law & Policy Group
Marie Hagarty
Rich Jutkiewicz
Halyna Keller
Lisa Marie Lee
Katharine Miller
Jesse and Allison Mootz
Ladimer Nagurney
Wayne and Kelly Peiffer
Jonathan and Kristin Peri
Lisa Pizzica
Christie Prince
Dr. David Puerto
Lubomir Pyrih
Kathleen Sandoski
Tom and Jacquie Sims
John and Debra and Joan Smalarz
Alena Votchits ’14