From Leslie Turner, Honoree of the 2021 Evening with Manor Gala

During my presentation at the Manor College Gala last month, I spoke about my mother’s love and dedication to see her family thrive even though she herself struggled raising us as a single parent. Isn’t it ironic? What my mother went through, what me and my siblings went through, it is the same as many of the students at Manor College. Maybe this is why I love this college so much. I’m reminded of my own upbringing, the challenges, and the ways in which we too overcame.

Students at Manor do not magically arrive at a better place without hard work–and some cannot arrive there without the support of donors like you… and me. My mother knew that she had to sacrifice for her children, and we know as donors we need to do the same for these hardworking students. That is why I started the Jeannette Turner Scholarship in memory of my mother. She would have loved knowing her name honors a fund that helps so many students who could use the help.

Will you be a part of the solution? Will you help Manor College fulfill its mission to lift students up, give them the tools necessary to make not only their lives better but the world better too. They will all succeed when we care first.

Thank you all for your generosity!