Manor College is looking for a Part-Time Campus Ministry Coordinator.

Position Summary: 

The Campus Ministry Coordinator is responsible for organizing a program of religious and spiritual outreach to the college community — students, faculty, administration, and staff. The Campus Ministry Coordinator is expected to articulate the College’s spiritual and religious needs of the community. The Coordinator assists the community to formulate a response to those needs. This response will be collaborative and open to all departments on campus (both inside and outside of the classroom). All ministry programming will strive to call forth the community into active dialogue with the mission of the college thus aiding in the holistic education of each individual.

The Campus Ministry Coordinator must show evidence of a strong sense of personal ministry, prayerfulness, and spirituality that is visible. The Coordinator will possess good listening skills and will be cognizant of and responsive to the needs of others. The Coordinator should be skilled in team formation and should be flexible and adaptive, always open to a growing and expanding role for Campus Ministry.

The Campus Ministry Coordinator will develop, refine and promote programs the purpose of which is to advance the Catholic Basilian mission of the College. The Coordinator will also research and pursue funding resources for such programs.

The Campus Ministry Coordinator must function in accordance with the philosophy and mission of the College, must display an appreciation for Catholic higher education and must demonstrate a commitment to diversity.

Functional Responsibilities 

  1. Embrace and advance the Catholic, Basilian mission of the College by ensuring that campus ministry programs are consistent with the mission and are implemented so as to achieve its goals.
  2. Provide opportunities for community members, faculty staff and students to come together in an organized program of prayer, liturgy, and sacraments.
  3. Make the Campus Ministry Office and its programs highly visible to the student body. Personal availability and visibility to those seeking spiritual consolation, counseling or advice related to their role as participants in the mission.
  4. Identify and coordinate the talents of others interested in active ministry whether they are faculty, or students (see: student chaplaincy program).
  5. Co-Chair the Chaplains Voice of Mission and Ministry Committee
  6. Oversee the Student Chaplaincy Program by identifying candidates and assisting with selection, training, and supervision of student chaplains.
  7. Maintain a minimum of 8 hours per week dedicated to the role for spiritual guidance and consultation during the academic year.
  8. Provide monthly reports to the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs. 9. Create and support an inclusive, non-denominational participation plan for Campus Ministry programs.
  9. Establish networks and communication with other local ministry programs. 11. Assist the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs with the management of the annual budget for the Campus Ministry Office.
  10. Regularly communicate a sense of direction and organization for the office to the administration.
  11. Research and develop programs for which the key purpose is to advance the Catholic Basilian mission of the College.
  12. Occasional special events requiring some evenings and/or weekends.
  13. Other duties as assigned


  • Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution in Theology, Ministry, or related area preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in campus ministry and college student development
  • Demonstrated experience with best practices in young adult and adult ministry programming and leadership
  • Excellent collaborative leadership ability
  • Must show a demonstrated competency in multicultural, ecumenical, and interfaith issues.
  • An ability to continue and advance the ecumenical and inter-religious understanding among students on campus, and support all students in their own unique faith formation.
  • Ability to garner credibility and collaboration with faculty and staff.
  • Some personal experience in a pastoral or counseling role.
  • Experience with the strategic use of social media.
  • A commitment to enhance the Catholic, Basilian mission of the College

To Apply:  Please submit your resume with 3 references to