Trevor O’Neill

Manor College Alumni Association Treasurer 

Manor Graduation Year: December 2013

Degree: Associate of Science in Accounting, Associate of Science in Information Systems & Technology

Currently… I am a senior at La Salle University’s School of Business working towards a Bachelor’s of Science degree in accounting. My anticipated graduation date will be May 2019. This summer I started an internship at Kreischer Miller, a mid-size accounting firm in Horsham, Pennsylvania, where I work in the auditing department. The work I do at my internship primarily concerns auditing for non-profit associations and dealing with employee benefit and retirement plans.

Fun Fact: I am a bowling and disc golf enthusiast! I only wish my abilities in both activities reflected how much I enjoy participating in them. I also like going to the driving range as a way to get out, relax and spend time with friends. My cat, Jedi, keeps things entertaining around my house on the days I can’t spend outside. Jedi has a personality of his own and the way he runs across the furniture and maneuvers himself into the strangest spaces tells me that the force is undeniably strong in him.

What I value most about my Manor College education: There are many things I value from my time spent at Manor and the education I received. The one thing that continually tops the list is the unwavering support from professors and friends. Having a strong support system throughout my schooling has helped me achieve every one of my ambitions so far. If I have a work/ career move in mind and need some advice, the professors I have maintained contact with at Manor are there to guide me and give me pointers based on their own experiences. As for the people I met at Manor that I now call friends, it is hard to put into words how much I value them. Through the study sessions, group projects, class time and lunches, we all felt a sense of comradery in going throughout our college years together. We will always be able to look back on those years and smile.

Describe the Manor College alumni network in one word: Encouraging

choose to get involved with the Manor College Alumni Association because… Alumni associations are an important resource for all higher education institutions and Manor is no exception. With each additional Manor alum who chooses to give some of their time by being involved in the MCAA, the network grows and becomes more of a reminder that a graduation date marks the beginning of a large journey you can share with other graduates. Involvement in the MCAA is critical to maintaining a meaningful relationships with both current and future members.

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