Manor College and Milton Hershey School Partner to Create Access and Affordability for First Generation Students

Manor College is pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Milton Hershey School (MHS) on December 2, 2019, formalizing a partnership crafted to nurture MHS student success.

“As a result of this partnership, MHS students have access to resources to help them succeed in their academic pursuits and guidance as they navigate the unknowns that come with decisions on a college campus, especially if they are the first in the family to go to college,” said Tanya Baynham, MHS Vice President of Graduation Programs for Success Division. “Manor College is a natural fit for our next partnership because of the variety of degree programs that align with our Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways, including concentrations focused on health science, business, and technology.”

The administrations of Manor College and MHS established this partnership to create access and benefit first generation students at the collegiate level, improving persistence and graduation rate outcomes. In addition to academic support, the agreement encourages students to obtain work-study and on-campus employment as well as getting involved in multiple support programs on campus.

“Our agreement with the Milton Hershey School informs our region that Manor is committed to shared core values,” said Dr. Jonathan Peri, President of Manor College. “Students in our institutions are largely first-generation in college and seeking pathways to the American dream. It is our design to get them there.”

The formalized agreement will make it possible for Manor College’s student-services staff and the continued educational support specialists at MHS to identify early alert triggers of students who need support.

“It is truly an honor and a blessing to have the opportunity to attend college. As a first generation college student and admissions officer, it is my pleasure to support students throughout the college search process,” states Daniel Perez, interim Vice President of Admissions. “At Manor College, we will provide a personalized journey from the first moment our students set foot on campus, until the day they graduate.”