Manor College Joins Hundreds of Institutions Urging Congress to Protect Dreamers

This week, on behalf of Manor College, President Jonathan Peri signed the American Council on Education’s letter urging Congress to protect Dreamers. 

The letter advocates reasoned national-level discussions in support of finding a bipartisan solution to protect Dreamers.  It is being sent to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and leaders of Congress. The letter is being signed by colleges and universities across the nation as a way to address an issue that is near and dear to the lives of many students. Dreamers are immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, who have grown up knowing America as their home. Those covered under the DREAM Act would have the opportunity to earn citizenship by going to college, serving in the military, or maintaining a job.

Manor College, along with other Higher Ed institutions, hopes to see permanent protections enacted for these high-achieving, undocumented youths. 

Nationally, “the Association of Catholic Colleges & Universities (ACCU) has endorsed the letter,” noted Dr. Peri in a letter to the campus community. “As such, we join hundreds, maybe thousands of colleges and Catholic colleges in this endeavor.”