Manor College 75 | “Prometheus” and the Manor Junior College Girls Choir

Manor College’s Girls Choir was joined by the “Prometheus” in 1974.

The record remains on display in a few locations around the Manor College campus.

The artifact: A vinyl disk recorded by “Prometheus” and the Manor Junior College Girl’s Choir in the 1970s. 

The details: “Prometheus,” an all-male choir that traveled throughout the United States and Canada, performed in front of a large crowd at Manor College in 1970. The group was conducted by Michael Dlaboha and performed Ukrainian melodies in the auditorium. 

Sometime after the concert, Prometheus recorded the vinyl in accompaniment with the Manor Junior College Girls Choir. 

According to the 1971 Macrinian, the performance included Ukrainian melodies, with Miss Maria Meducha, Manor College’s translator, explaining the story behind each of the songs. 

The vinyl was recorded and released on March 2, 1974.