Location: Academic building, 2nd floor, between rooms 28 and 29.
Contact Email: helpdesk@manor.edu

Wireless Internet access is available in all the buildings on campus.
The password for the “Manor College Guest” is: bluejays.

Saving your work:  The first time you login to a Manor College computer, you will create your own “G” folder labeled with your first initial and last name. This folder can only be accessed by you while you are on campus. To save your work, you must save it to this folder. Other options: Use the Google Drive (part of Manor email), a USB flash drive or email yourself a copy of your work.

Did you know that your Manor email also includes word processing software (Google docs) as well as other productivity software?

Computer Repair: The Manor IT department also offers a basic PC repair service for currently enrolled students. We will diagnose the problem and attempt repairs. If repairs can’t be done in house, we’ll offer suggestions on other sources. This is a FREE service with the exception if replacement parts are required, in which case the student will be required to cover only the cost of the parts.

Wireless Calling: Major cell phone carriers offer Wi-Fi calling – that allows you to connect your phone to our wireless network to make and receive calls. Instructions on how use Wi-Fi calling is listed below for the major following carriers.

Purchase Microsoft Office 365