Giving Tuesday Wrap-Up: More Than $5,000 Raised for Student Scholarship

Giving Tuesday at Manor College was nothing short of a success this Tuesday, Nov. 27, with ultra-marathoner and local attorney Paul Peters successfully running from 7am to 7pmfor a total of 12 hours, and over 60 miles. Students, staff and community members also participated, running alongside Paul and providing moral support. Giving Tuesday is a philanthropy-themed day occurring the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Treadmills were set up in Manor’s library while a dedicated team stood by, assisting with easy-to-eat snacks, hydration, cheerleading, and managing incoming donations. More than $5,000 was raised for student scholarship, and plenty of news organizations made sure to stop by throughout the day. Fox 29’s Dawn Timmeney made an appearance, while MontCo Today helped to drum up anticipation as well. 

“I enjoyed seeing the months of planning and collaboration among campus departments and local businesses come together, all for a great cause. Everybody who ran, volunteered, cheered, or just stopped in quickly to watch had a smile on their face. To me, Giving Tuesday showed the power of coming together to support our students and our community,” says Amanda Irwin, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund at Manor.

Check out our local news coverage on Fox 29, NBC 10, and Telemundo 62 below, as well as our radio coverage via KYW-AM: