We Raised $2,000 for Student Leaders

Thank you to all who donated!

In late 2016, the Service Leadership Scholarship award was renamed the Crosby Service Leadership Scholarship in honor of Christiner & John Crosby, Sr. Despite all obstacles, both found ways of helping others who were less fortunate than they. Though there were many years in which their family may have been considered less fortunate, but Christiner and John always modeled the importance of giving back and “paying it forward”.

The Crosby Family, September 6, 1997

Between October 3, 2017 and November 3, 2017 Dr. Cherie Crosby, Christiner and John’s daughter and a long-time education professor at Manor, made a special appeal to our community to help raise funding for the Crosby Service Leadership Scholarship.

The Crosby’s would both have been 68 had Mrs. Crosby not died 10 years ago.  In light of that missed milestone, we wanted to increase scholarship funding opportunities to honor her memory.

Even though our pig push has ended, you can still contribute to scholarships at Manor, and continue honoring the legacy the Crosby’s have built.

As a Manor faculty member, Cherie helps students seek out opportunities for service in their community and donates regularly to this scholarship to help provide Manor students with even more opportunity to serve their community.

Many Manor students have already benefitted from this scholarship but there are more students in need of and deserving of our support.

Learn more about Christiner’s legacy on this blog dedicated to her life: https://cwangel.blogspot.com/.