We know you’re #ManorStrong! Whether you’re a donor, student, teacher, or anyone who supports the school in any way, you’re resilient and demonstrate perseverance under pressure. And everyone is feeling the effects of our health crisis.

As we look forward to the future, we want to challenge you to remain #ManorStrong in mind, spirit and body!

This challenge will last from Monday, June 22 through Saturday, August 15! 

Here’s the challenge: 

  1.       We invite you to log into our #ManorStrong Summer Fitness Challenge and set up your profile. It’s quick and easy. Click here to register
  2.       Next, log your activity by Saturday to show you’ve met that week’s goal!
  3.       Anyone who meets three out of four weekly goals all month long is registered to win one of our amazing gift cards for “quarantine friendly” fun!

We’ll be giving out prizes each week for participants! 

Weeks One and Two: “In Place” Challenge

For five days each week, do 15 minutes of an “in place” exercise. Jumping jacks, sit-ups, walking in place, whatever you’re comfortable doing!

Weeks Three and Four: Buddy Challenge

Your dog, your spouse, roommate—choose a buddy and agree on an exercise to do at least for five days. (Hint: if it’s your dog, this should be easy!) If you can buddy up and exercise together (six feet apart of course) then do that!

Weeks Five and Six: Follow a Video Challenge

For five days, find an online video of at least 10 minutes that you’re comfortable following!

Weeks Seven and Eight: 7-Day Half Marathon

Run/Walk a 7-day Half Marathon! Can you walk 13.1 miles in one week? With just a couple miles per day, you can meet this week’s goal.


  • John Dempster
  • William Rodebaugh
  • Leslie Weinfeld
  • Stacy Bartholomew
  • Cherie Crosby
  • Sarah Clymer
  • Laci Sanders
  • Christina Floyd
  • Jeff McCann
  • Tarra Raspanti
  • Allison Mootz
  • Mary Kolodij