Can you help us celebrate one of Manor College’s most treasured professors? Dr. Joanna Bassert served at Manor’s Veterinary Technology Program for more than 25 years and won numerous awards for outstanding service, including the Manor College Teaching Excellence Award (1999 and 2013), Association of Veterinary Technician Educators Elsevier Teaching Excellence Award, Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association’s President Award, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Award, and the Textbook & Academic Authors Association Award. Also, she served on the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues.

More importantly, she continues to be respected by faculty, students and staff alike. 

Would you help us honor this distinguished career of service? Your gift helps us celebrate a dear friend and esteemed colleague as well as complete much-needed renovations to the veterinary technology program. The progress has been remarkable. 

Thank you for your support in honor of “Dr. B”! Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.