• Manor College employees will be coming into campus on a hybrid and staggered schedule of remote work and on-campus work alternating with each other in their own departments and teams. 
  • Employees have the responsibility to perform temperature checks before coming into work. If an employee has a temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees, they should email their supervisor that they will be working remotely as a result of having a temperature.
  • Employees must complete the Daily Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire before coming to campus.
  • Faculty and staff should direct all questions and concerns to Human Resources Director, Tina Colella at ccolella@manor.edu.

A Message From Tina Colella, HR Director – Vaccination Guidelines 

Dear Community Members:

Manor College CARES about our students and our community.  The C, R, and S of our CARES acronym demonstrate key points Manor College would like to make today with the announcement of this policy.

Catholic Basilian Tradition of Community, Hospitality and a Global Vision of Humanity

Respect for the Dignity of Each Person

Service to the Community

We continue to strive each and every day to live these values.  As such, the attached Vaccination Guideline Policy has been approved.  We are committed to protecting the well-being of our community members and therefore Manor College strongly recommends and encourages all community members to get vaccinated for the annual flu and the COVID-19 vaccination, when widely available.  Please remember to consult with your primary physician prior to receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. 

For Employees: This policy can be found on the employee portal under the Employee Handbook.