Artist Richard Samuelson’s Work On Display at Manor College

Richard Samuelson’s paintings will be on display at Manor College from November 17 until December 31, 2017.

“The true likeness of God is an image of the act of man’s creativity.” Tom Sims, Exit Zero’s arts reviewer, references this insight that is quoted from Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way when speaking of the paintings of Richard Samuelson. 

Sims continues, “I cite this notion of the bond between man’s creativity and its spiritual sources because it seems to drive quickly to the core of Samuelson’s art. His paintings appear more as records of the unfolding of new life and experience, than as pictures of things at a given moment in time.  Indeed, they seem to take place over time and fulfill the artists stated goal of telling coherent abstract narratives not unlike a piece of music. The images themselves look as if they’re chronological records of the creative process itself.

The paintings can be seen in the gallery in the Basileiad Library at Manor College in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. A video by the artist can be viewed on his website The Library is open Monday – Thursday 8am – 9pm, Friday 8am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm.