Prepared for life

As alumni, you have lived the transformational education experience that is Manor College. You are our best examples of success…and our best ambassadors for future classes of successful graduates. Click here to view a short video to hear from fellow alums about how Manor prepared them for life!

We value the connection forged here – and we hope you feel a lifelong link to your alma mater. Visit us often, online and on campus, to reconnect and to share how and what you’re doing. If you have an alumni update you would like to share with us, fill out this form so that we can cheer you on! 

We hope you will honor your time spent at Manor College by continuing to support our work in providing students with a personalized education that promotes a wide breadth of learning and enables students to develop fully as individuals.

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Alumni Benefits

Did you know that Manor alumni enjoy lifetime privileges at Basileiad Library.

Also, Manor alumni receive 20% discounts on ALL Adult and Continuing Education Workshops and Seminars, so take a look at our current course offerings and sign up today!

Manor has identified Liberty Mutual as a company that will offer exclusive benefits to our alumni. Their position as one of the largest insurance providers in the nation and their commitment to superior customer service sets them apart. We are pleased to be able to present this offer of Group Savings Plus savings and benefits to you. Liberty Mutual Insurance program preferred benefits