A Message from Manor College President Dr. Jonathan Peri

Manor College President Dr. Jonathan Peri responds to a recent outbreak of violence against youth in Philadelphia. 

Dr. Jonathan Peri, President, Manor College

Dear Manor Blue Jays, 

Our heart aches after hearing that eight students from Philadelphia’s Northeast High School were shot while getting onto a SEPTA bus yesterday afternoon.  Our prayers go out to these students and their families.

Many of Manor College’s students and alumni live in Northeast Philadelphia, making this particularly sad for our community. While this specific attack occurred in the Northeast, we know that many face the threat of violence in their own neighborhoods on a daily basis.  It is senseless.  It needs to stop.  Life is precious. 

Just yesterday after this happened, I was with Senator Art Haywood and his remarkable staff for a pre-planned meeting.  His office is working on ensuring that the people in his district (and beyond) have pathways to education and fulfilling, enriching employment opportunities.  He seeks to serve as the bridge between those in need of employment and those who offer it.  He seeks to serve as the bridge between under-employment and work that pays a living wage and then some.  Unfortunately, most present and seeking employment did not have the blessing you have, an opportunity for an education.  We were there to offer support opportunities.  Manor College was represented by our HR Specialist and DEI Officer, our Strategic Finance Consultant, and me.

We were there as an employer and as an institution of teaching and learning because we believe, firmly, that education is the pathway out of violence and poverty.  There is no question about it.  It is.  Today, I posted on LinkedIn data that shows the median annual wage for high school versus college graduates.  In 1990, the annual wage difference was $15K. Today, it’s $24K.  That’s with today’s respective median salaries of $36K versus $60K a year.  There’s much more to say about the value of a college education, but this is not the moment.  The point is, education transforms lives, has a cascading effect, and that is our mission.  

Our mission also ensures that “Manor graduates are prepared to serve society effectively and compassionately.”  To this end, we desire to actively promote peace and safety in our Manor community and throughout the world.  Each one of us needs to be a part of that, and it starts by embracing Manor’s Core Values, and especially by demonstrating the core value of Respect for the Dignity of Each Person.

We remind our students that we have counseling resources available to you on our campus.  Whether grieving or just being in need of someone to talk to, our Counseling Center, led by Ms. Christie Prince, offers supportive personal counseling in one-on-one and group sessions. Personal counseling is confidential and the use of counseling services never appears on academic records.  Ms. Prince’s office is located on the second floor of the Mother of Perpetual Help Hall. Drop-ins are available during office hours, but students can request an appointment through email at manorcounseling@manor.edu or by calling (215) 885-6299. 

Remember that You Belong Here, not only for you, but for those whose lives you will positively impact too.


Dr. Peri

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