Michael Ziegler

Michael Ziegler

Adjunct Professor, Liberal Arts and Legal Studies


Academic Specialties & Interests

Philosophic Symbolism in Literature & Film, Esoteric Symbolism of The Holy Grail


The General Magazine, Baltimore, MD. “Cave Wars” April, 1997
“Stratego Piece by Piece: History, Strategy, Tactics and Deployment” 1999 FB Press.
Interloc Magazine- May & October 2007, Cover Story: “Catching Book Thieves” & “Collecting Bookcase games”. (Antiquarian Book Trade)
The Education of Princes: Father Judge High School in the Vietnam Years. (Pending)


  • Departmental Law & Speech Writer City of Philadelphia Research & Planning Department

Personal Interests

    Courses Taught

  • Criminal Justice
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminology
  • Philosophy and the Human Condition
  • Critical Thinking


  • Tutoring- Philosophy, Psychology, Writing, Research

Outside Jobs or Experience

Retired from Civil Service- 1977- 2000 Antiquarian Bookseller- since 1989 Ordained Christian Minister- since 2014