George Tomezsko

George Tomezsko

Adjunct Professor, History


Academic Specialties & Interests

Civil War, Ancient Roman History, Writing


An Afternoon in May (on Civil War history)
Flawed Foundings (a study in comparative government)
Fully Occupied Years (the Rise and Fall of a Company Called BIOSIS)
Gird Yourselves for This Great Effort (on Civil War history)
Upward Journey (personal philosophy


  • Worked in a variety of fields, including Journalism

    Courses Taught

  • History of Western Civilization I HS 101
  • History of western Civilization II HS 102
  • History of the United States I HS 103
  • History of the United States HS 104OL

All the Rest

Writes the newsletter for the Vereeville Historical Society, headquartered in the Northeast