Graduate & Research Assistant Key Role Attributes: Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student in a degree-granting program. While in the position, Graduate & Research Assistant (GRA) may have no more than fifteen (15) hours total of additional external commitments including but not limited to outside employment, organization involvement, athletic team participation, internships, etc. Candidates should possess strong interpersonal communication skills and the ability to interact with a diverse population, as well as have demonstrated experience and skills related to program development, and student development. Candidates should also be very strong in scholarly research and writing at the graduate level, and will need to be prepared to assist the college’s President with a major academic research project on the study of leadership. Familiarity with residence hall systems and/or other education administration or management experience is strongly preferred. This is a part-time, live-in position, which requires 20 office hours per week including weekends and on-call responsibilities. Employment is subject to review and renewal on an annual basis. GRA’s must keep and maintain good academic standing with their institution. 


  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Previous undergraduate student leadership experience (preference for leadership experience within Residence Life) 
  • Candidates must be enrolled full time in Higher Education, Counseling, Leadership or related field. 
  • Able to conduct enduring, extensive, high-level scholarly research and commensurate writing 
  • Candidates must be willing to commit to a ten-month agreement. 
  • Ability to uphold the mission and values of Catholic higher education 


The Graduate & Research Assistant (GRA) is a 10-month, live-in position. The GRA serves as an active and visible residence hall staff member that participates and facilitates student development, community development, leadership development, administration, policy enforcement, crisis Management, and staff development. In these capacities, the GRA is supervised by the Assistant Director of Residence Life. 

This GRA is a crucial Residence Life liaison collaborating with Residence Life, Student Engagement, Resident Assistants (RAs) and resident students. The GRA oversees residence halls, co-supervises a staff of RAs, participates in campus-wide emergency on-call coverage and supports the mission of the Office of Residence Life. 

The GRA’s research role is to serve as the college President’s research assistant. The research being conducted is in the area of leadership, as well as connected theories, such as organizational, institutional and systems theories. As the President’s research assistant, the President will expect the GRA to conduct extensive, thorough research of multiple theories of leadership. Research will be quantitative and qualitative. The ability to craft complex charts of comparison, as well as of research results, is required. Skilled scholarly article drafting abilities, of all appropriate component parts of scholarly articles is needed. 

If mutually agreed, the GRA position may renew for a second year, with continued summer housing, included in the compensation package. 


  • Supervises 3-5 undergraduate Resident Assistants, and a Residence Hall Council of 5-7 student members 
  • Assists with the recruitment, selection, training and evaluation of undergraduate staff 
  • Attend (and lead as appropriate) various meetings (e.g. one-on-one meetings with RAs, meetings with supervisor, RA staff meetings, and professional staff meetings, etc.) 
  • Promote and implement training sessions and in-services as well as ongoing staff development initiatives. 
  • Helps co-lead the President’s research project. If there is sufficient evidence the GRA’s research and writing work meets high academic standards and the expectations of the President, the GRA’s name will be included as a junior author. 

Direct Co-Supervision for Resident Assistant Staff 

  • Collaborate with Resident Coordinator to plan and implement RA training programs including: 

fall training, ongoing in-service training, January training, and other training as necessary. 

  • Plan and facilitate weekly RA staff meetings. 
  • Conduct individual weekly meetings with RA staff 
  • Hold formal evaluation meetings with each RA once a year. 
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of the RA selections process. 
  • Assist the RAs in fulling their programming responsibilities. 
  • Ensure accurate and timely completion of administrative tasks delegated to area staff 
  • Ensure the provision of RA duty coverage as assigned 

Community and Student Leadership Development  

  • Serves as a resource and referral agent for students’ academic, identity, and social needs. 
  • Work collaboratively with security personnel to create a safe and secure community. 
  • Student Conduct and Crisis Management 
  • Responsible for upholding Community Standards. 
  • Educates students on their rights and responsibilities. 
  • Communicate with Assistant Director regarding policy violations and adjudication. 
  • Handle crisis situations, such as mental health incidents, roommate conflicts, student conduct, and staffing issues, and reporting to RC in order to ensure appropriate community response. 
  • Makes effective referrals to counseling or academic services and familiarizes self with campus 
  • resources 
  • Provide night and weekend on-duty responsibilities for approximately 75 residential students. 

Administrative and Departmental Responsibilities 

  • Participate in departmental functions, projects, and workgroups assigned, including but not limited to community development initiatives, housing operations management, staff selection, and training. 
  • Assists with the opening and closing of the residence halls as well as evening and weekend events. 
  • Assist with on-duty rotation with Assistant Director, including evenings and weekends. 
  • Promote and uphold Manor’s Catholic Basilian Mission

Professional Development 

  • Participate in staff training and development opportunities offered by Residence Life and other campus departments. 
  • Act as a role model on and off-campus 
  • Opportunity to engage in the journal or other publication of a scholarly article 

Academic Year Compensation: 

$8,500 stipend 

$2,000 meal plan 

Semi-furnished suite, utilities, internet, laundry on-site, fitness facilities use, and campus parking.  

Learning Outcomes  

The Graduate Assistant working in Residence Life will: 


  • Practice appropriate and effective interpersonal communication skills in a variety of professional settings. 
  • Develop and practice supervisory skills by managing a staff of high achieving undergraduate Resident Assistant. 
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback in a professional setting. 
  • Experience the opportunity to serve as a mentor and role model for college students. 
  • Gain a sound understanding of effective crisis management protocol and response. 
  • Engage in a network of supportive staff members who are committed to the holistic 
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, specifically employ appropriate decision making when addressing policy infractions when responding to incidents and throughout the conduct process. 
  • Identify student needs and direct them to the appropriate departmental offices for support and assistance. 
  • Gain experience in academic research and writing intended to lead to scholarly journal publication 

To Apply:  Please submit your resume to Shamika Ford – Assistant Director of Residence Life