Manor College is looking for a full-time Head Librarian.

Position Summary

Heads the operations of the Basileiad Library and performs professional and administrative duties in planning, developing, implementing and directing the library services .The Head Librarian at Basileiad Manor Library will maintain an active role in fostering respect for the heritage of and principles laid down by the founders, the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great.


Specific Responsibilities & Essential Functions

Head Librarian shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Maintain and build the book collection.

  – Collection reflects the College Curricula, Mission and Heritage

      – Work with College administrators and leaders to satisfy academic requests

     – Ensure that current books/authors are obtained/maintained in each curriculum specialty.


  1. Compile and disseminate information on new holdings.

– Oversee and ensure the accuracy of the Basileiad Library’s holdings on the website

  and in all publications and disseminations.

      – Ensure that new holdings and additions are appropriately displayed and popularized.


  1. Collate and distribute responses to annual survey on library usage by faculty and


   – Ensure that survey results plus periodical/random samples indicate acceptable

      increase in library usage.

      – Ensure that specific program(s) are periodically implemented to encourage increased

      usage of library.


  1.        Select and manage online subscriptions, periodicals and newspapers.

  – Ensure that the selection of periodical and newspapers reflect the needs of the faculty

    and students.

     – Maintain an effective system for determining when to add and/or discontinue


     – Ensure that the cost of periodicals and newspapers be kept within approved budgets.

  1. Provide technological to support and enrich instruction.

–  Technology such as Laptops and iPads are maintained and readily available to Instructors and


             – The systems (procedures/instructions) for reserving and using equipment functions well.  

     Documentation of such usage should be well maintained.

             – Oversee the usage of printers by students.


  1. House the Ukrainian Archive Collection.

         – Work with the Director of the Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center and provide separate

    housing and appropriate security in the Basileiad Library for the Ukrainian Archive



  1. Account for all holdings.

          – Oversee materials for College archives and see to it that they are classified and

  catalogued on timely basis.


  1. Provide instructions in use of library facilities.

– Ensure that all new students receive basic instructions in proper use and utilization of

  Library resources.

– Provide and ensure the accuracy of printed and digital guides concerning the Basileiad



  1. Assist the College community in use of all library resources.

– Ensure that the image of the Basileiad Library to faculty and staff is a positive one and

  that it reflects the College’s Missions and Heritage well.

          – Make sure that the use of library facilities is at an acceptable level.


  1.   Assist Faculty in implementing information literacy into the curricula using

resources in all formats via consultation or instruction.

– Shall identify, track and communicate trends and developments regarding information

  literacy in higher education.

– Shall provide examples of integrated information literacy to faculty at regular intervals and

  upon request.


  1. Teach information skills using technology to students via formal orientation

           sessions and assist, as needed.

–  Shall be prepared to deliver information literacy lectures, based on the integrated model

  Manor College follows, to all FE and EN classes.

      –  Deliver two-hour library orientation and empirical research seminar to all entering Dental

  Hygiene students as a component of Study Skills seminar.

–  Deliver library instruction to classes in all academic divisions as requested by faculty.


  1. Compile circulation statistics for annual (and bi-annual reports and surveys.

–  Complete and submit annual NCIS report, forward copy to the Dean of Academic


–  Complete and submit bi-annual ACRL report, forward copy to the Dean of Academic

  Services .

–  Submit annual statistics with annual library report to the Dean of Academic Services.


  1. Assist at reference desk.

– Ensure the Basileiad Library is always properly staffed during its stated operating hours.

  1.   Prepare annual budget and long-range plans for the Basileiad Library.

–  Submit planning items to promote development aligned with Academic Affairs Strategic


–  Develop and maintain within an approved budget per directives provided by Dean of Academic Services, including maintaining all financial records, statements, reports, etc.

– Shall ensure that reports and survey results submitted to Dean of Academic Services and Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs are timely and accurate.


Criteria & Qualifications



  • Master’s Degree, plus two years of higher-education experience is preferred.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills


  • Attention to detail and ability to manage projects and multi-task
  • Ability to work as a part of a team
  • Willingness to work evenings and weekends as needed
  • Willingness to participate in registration, orientation, open houses, onboarding evets, and all other campus events.
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Must be reliable
  • Ability to work efficiently and be detail-oriented
  • Excellent computer and data entry skills, proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Promote and uphold Manor’s Catholic Basilian Mission
  • Other duties as assigned


To Apply:  Please submit your resume with salary requirements and 3 references to