Full-Time Assistant Professor for Veterinary Technology

The Program of Veterinary Technology at Manor College is looking for an Assistant Professor (Full-time Faculty). This is a 12 month, full-time assignment and reports to the Director of Veterinary Technology.

Overview: The Program of Veterinary Technology at Manor College seeks a full-time faculty member. Candidates must have a VMD or DVM degree with no less than three years of clinical experience in clinical practice. This position includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities: teaching a minimum of 24 credits per annum, student advising, curriculum development, coordination with other departments and college-wide community engagement. Mixed or large-animal practitioners, with prior employment as a credentialed veterinary technician, are particularly well suited for this position. However, lab-animal and small-animal practitioners are also encouraged to apply. The successful candidate may also serve as the Large Animal Clinical Coordinator for the program.

Education and Credentials:


  • VMD or DVM
  • FDA Licensed for Class IV Drugs
  • Member of AVMA, PVMA


  • No less than 5 years of clinical veterinary practice in equine or mixed-large animal practice
  • USDA Category II Accredited Veterinarian

Knowledge and Experience:


  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to stay calm and focused in a hectic academic setting and busy office.
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel and software
  • Excellent writing and verbal skills
  • Ability to successfully work with diverse personality types
  • Ability to work independently and create new curricula, course materials and design lesson plans.
  • Ability to generate creative ideas
  • Must possess solution-focused problem solving skills
  • Administrative experience
  • Promote and uphold Manor’s Catholic Basilian Mission


  • Knowledge of:
    • Public and environmental health including zoonoses
    • OSHA regulations
    • Epidemiology and zoonosis
  • Fear-free veterinary practice methods.



  • Teach no less than 24 credits per annum including VT105 Large Animal Clinical Procedures and any large-animal or mixed-animal component to other courses.
  • Amend and up-date IACUC protocols related to large animal clinical laboratories both on- and off- campus as needed.


  • Advise and assist VTPM students and advisees to select courses and prepare semester course schedules
  • Assist students to stay on track regarding required course sequence.
  • Assist 4th year students find employment where appropriate.
  • Maintain electronic files and records pertaining to the VTPM Program.
  • Attend annual VTPM Advisory Committee Meeting.
    1. Write letters of recommendation for students as needed to assist them in reaching their employment, externship and educational goals.

Curriculum Development

  • Develop new curricula and course materials as needed.
  • Revise existing course syllabi and materials as needed
  • Ensure that all VT course materials are up-loaded to the College’s course management electronic system


  • Coordinate with Fox Chase Farm, the New Bolton Center, Delaware Valley College and any other large animal organization affiliated with the Program of Veterinary Technology
  • Establish and maintain Memos of Understanding with affiliated farm-animal organizations.
  • Maintain ownership or lending contracts regarding Program-horses
  • Coordinate with the Education Coordinator and the Program Assistant to ensure that relevant teaching materials, equipment and supplies are in place, functional and of current dating in the barn and related facilities.

Barn Facility and Horse Care:

  • Recruit, train and supervise the Horse Care Team
  • Meet regularly with the Horse Care Team Captains
  • Support organization of “Barn Clean-up Days”
  • Ensure barn’s clinical spaces are well stocked, secured and clean
  • Coordinate as needed with Convent personnel regarding the barn and farm lands
  • Coordinate with other horse owners regarding smooth functioning of the barn and enforcement of barn safety rules.
  • Coordinate and carry out regular preventive medicine on Program horses

College Community:

  • Share responsibility for and attend College wide events such as open houses, registration, orientation, graduation, Founders Day, etc
  • In conjunction with all Program administration, assist in the collation of self-study documents as needed for Middle States evaluation.
  • Participate in all major college events including, but not limited to: commencement, Pinning Ceremony, convocation, open houses, Admissions events, program holiday party, Founder’s Day, Advisory Committee meetings.

Program Community:

  • Share responsibility for planning, arranging and hosting the AVMA-CVTEA’s on-site review team for AVMA-Accreditation
  • Where appropriate, participate in the discussion and handling of student issues related to academic dishonesty, and other violations of the Program’s and College’s Honor Codes.
  • Support the Program Director in helping with what-ever tasks are needed.
  • Attend annual VTPM and VT Advisory Committee Meetings.
  • Attend all required and relevant College faculty meetings including weekly VTPM team meetings.
  • Coordinate the recruitment of new incoming freshman and transfer students in conjunction with the Program Director and Admissions officers.
  • Maintain electronic files and records pertaining to the VTPM Program.
  • Perform whatever tasks are needed to ensure the smooth running of the 2 + 2 VTPM Program

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an official application of employment, copy of current clinical license, resume, sealed official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate coursework, references, and a cover letter to:

Dr. Joanna Bassert, Director of Veterinary Technology

c/o Mrs. Sheila Gillespie (sgillespie@manor.edu)

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Manor College

700 Fox Chase Road

Jenkintown, PA, 19046