Earning a certificate in a career-oriented program is an excellent way to get the knowledge you need quickly in order to succeed in that particular field.  Academic certificates prepare students for a variety of opportunities, including workplace preparation.

The certificate programs in Paralegal Studies (Post-Baccalaureate) and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant(EFDA) are designed to prepare students for occupational competency within a relatively short period of study.  Certain prerequisites are required for the advanced courses.

All coursework transfers seamlessly into the College’s associate’s degree programs. Credits earned in a Certificate or Diploma program may be supplemented by additional study and applied toward an Associate Degree.

The College offers the following academic certificates:

Requirements for the Certificate:

  1. Complete 24-30 semester hours of work, as required by the individual program.*
  2. Complete the specific course requirement in the student’s area of specialization.
  3. Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0.
  4. Maintain a 2.0 average in the area of concentration.
  5. Meet all financial obligations to the college.

The student is responsible to contact the Financial Aid Office for an exit interview if they have Federal Perkins or Federal Direct Loans.