Workforce Certificates

Allied Health, Science & Mathematics Workforce Certificate

  • Mathematical Sciences (21 credits)
  • Dental Assistant (36 credits)

Business, Technology & Legal Studies Workforce Certificates

  • Business Analytics (18 credits)
  • Child Protection (21 credits)
  • Computer Science (21 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship (21 credits)
  • Finance (18 credits)
  • Human Resources (18 credits)
  • Law Enforcement (21 credits)
  • Sales and Branding (18 credits)
  • Social Responsibility in Business (18 credits)

Education Workforce Certificates

  • Child Care Administration (18 credits)
  • Infant Toddler Development (21 credits)

Liberal Arts Workforce Certificates

  • Humanities (21 credits)

Affordability: The Basil Guarantee

The Basil Guarantee is a tuition discount and exclusive benefit for all students enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree program. With the Basil Guarantee students who enroll in a bachelor’s degree at Manor College are eligible to receive 20% discount off tuition for the final two years (junior/senior year) of the program.* The Basil Guarantee is a limited time offer that is available for all students who enroll (full-time or part-time) in the program between Fall 2018 and Spring 2020.

At Manor College, 97% of students receive financial aid, Manor is committed to making our personalized education experience possible for all students, both academically and financially. Manor College is also the best priced private Catholic college in the state of Pennsylvania and for the 2018-2019 academic year, Manor College has announced a tuition freeze, meaning the 2018/2019 tuition of $16,429/year and $17,199 for Allied Health students will not increase, but remain the same.

*the 20% discount will be applied to the tuition costs for the concluding 60 credits of the respective bachelor’s degree program

*cannot be combined with other tuition discount