Study for careers in high demand

An Education and Professional Studies degree at Manor College focuses on preparing students for their future. We utilize a 21st-century approach to teaching that provides students with the necessary skills to effectively working in today’s workforce. Our experienced faculty offers students a strong foundation for a successful career.  With workforce certificates, associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees, there is a program for everyone.

Here at Manor College, the faculty provides students with leading-edge teaching practices and technologies. Students are encouraged to develop global and digital literacy skills across the curriculum. Our programs offer hands-on practice in and outside the classroom and students have an opportunity to work with interactive SmartBoard technology available in every classroom, and most division courses are now Web-enhanced through our Canvas Learning Management System. Below, you will find the list of all Education and Professional Studies programs Manor College has to offer.  

Workforce Certificates

  • Child Care Administration
  • Child Protection
  • Infant Toddler Development
  • Law Enforcement

Associate Degrees

Bachelor’s Degrees


Cherie Crosby, Ph.D. 
Dean and Director, Instructional Design and Learning Initiatives 

Aneesh Khushman, M.D. 
Tutoring Services Coordinator 

Mary SimsMary Sims, J.D. M.A. 
Professor & Program Director, Criminal Justice & Public Policy 

Leslie Weinfeld, 
Assistant Professor, Foundational Learning Coordinator 

Michael Landis, M.Div. 
Director, Learning Center 
Senior Associate Professor & Program Director, Liberal Studies