“Manor College’s paralegal certificate program gave me the knowledge to be successful as an entry level paralegal, assured me I chose the right career path and gave me a prestigious credential that differentiated me in the job market. Only one month following completion of the program, with assistance from Manor College, I was placed in my first paralegal position. Three years later, I am employed by a center city law firm and I love it! I give thanks to the legal studies faculty for my success.”  Christina Yizzi, Paralegal Certificate, 2009

“The thing I loved the most about Manor was how friendly everyone was – students and professors. I think that the college has a great sense of community and pride in its past. I also felt like I really got more individualized attention as a student at Manor than I would have gotten at any other college.
In this tough economic climate, another thing that sold me on Manor was how the program directors were so willing to give guidance in finding a job after graduation. We were given lots of opportunities to prepare for the job search – resume building, Legal Studies Student Association events, creating writing portfolios and we were taught the importance of making connections and given many opportunities to meet attorneys and practicing paralegals.  The college also helped me gain experience by providing me with internship opportunities, which were so beneficial in helping me to get a job after graduation. I was worried going into the job search, but within two weeks of graduation I received three different offers for paralegal positions. I know that that is a result of the quality program Manor has developed.”  Megan Shull, Paralegal Certificate, 2011

“The Legal Studies program at Manor College gave me confidence to go out into the job market as a newly graduated paralegal and compete for employment with experienced legal professionals.  And it worked!  Out of 4 interviews I went on, 2 of them returned job offers.”  Tara Heckler, A.S. Paralegal,  2010

“The Paralegal program at Manor College gave me great knowledge that I now use every day at my work in the legal field. The staff at Manor is friendly, supportive, and helpful and treats each student as an individual.”   Alyssa Serrao, A.S. Paralegal, 2011

Paralegal program testimonials from alumni

“Manor College’s Paralegal Program gave me the skills and knowledge that I would need to become a successful paralegal. The Program offers a wide variety of courses that cover different parts of the law. The class sizes are small so as a student I didn’t feel lost in a crowd of people but almost like I was being taught one on one. One of the features of the Program that particularly helped me in make contacts with people in the legal profession was the LSSA Legal Studies Student Association). The LSSA gave me the opportunity to get involved in the community and in the legal world by giving me the chance to be a part of Wills for Heroes, The Career Wardrobe and by joining the MCPA, Montgomery County Paralegal Association, which provides a network of communication in the legal field outside a school setting. If you are looking to become a paralegal you will not find a better school than Manor College. I believe that Manor not only prepared me but gave me the confidence and the knowledge that is needed to become a great paralegal.” Jacqueline Gwiszcz, Paralegal Certificate, 2011

“I appreciate the focus on legal writing. I use my writing skills in summarizing and applying case law every day. The small classes gave me the individual attention I was seeking to hone my skills.”  Jennifer Goldman, Paralegal Certificate, 2010

“The paralegal program at Manor College is outstanding.  The classes are taught by attorneys, so not only do you obtain an education, the classes are entertaining since they weave in stories about many of their actual cases.  One of the reasons I chose Manor College was because the program is approved by the American Bar Association.  There are so many programs that advertise for paralegal training, however, without the ABA approval, you would be wasting your time and money.”  Sharon Williams, Paralegal Certificate, 2011

“As a Spring 2011 graduate of Manor College, I can attest to the fact that Manor College has an outstanding Paralegal program. There are very fine professors who have real world experience in the legal field. You will receive training that will enable you to start a career as a paralegal upon graduation, or give you a great start toward pursuing a law degree, if that is your wish. While at Manor, you will have opportunities to be involved in the Legal Studies Student Association, which involves meetings and interactions with community and legal groups and individuals. With the small class sizes, you can be assured that you will be a very important part of any class activities. The Manor staff is always very helpful. I hope that you will enjoy your studies at Manor.” Good luck! Dave Miller, A.S. Paralegal 2011

“As an older student returning to school after many years, I knew immediately that I had made the right choice in Manor.  If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate.” Helene Shapiro, A.S. Paralegal, 2009

“The LNC Program has been instrumental in helping me stay on track while achieving my educational goal. The courses at Manor have prepared me to work professionally while completing the LNC program.”  Stephanie Wroten, MS, RN, Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate, 2009