The Associate in Pre-Science at Manor College allows students to transfer after two years of study to an affiliated college or university. Students may transfer directly to a college or university program in Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Medicine, or may choose to pursue related professional studies such as Physician’s Assistant or General Science.

Why You Should Choose Manor

Manor College provides small laboratory sciences classes and personalized advising.  Manor College has a variety of articulation or dual enrollment agreements making the transfer process seamless. Manor graduates have been accepted into local institutions such as La Salle University, Drexel University and Temple University to complete their studies toward a Baccalaureate degree, preparing them for further study to obtain a Master’s, Ph.D., or MD degree.

Career Opportunities

After completion of the Bachelor’s degree program, students may apply to professional schools, including medical or veterinary schools, physician assistant studies, and other professional programs.  Students can also elect to earn advanced degrees in various scientific fields to pursue careers in research, either at the academic or industrial level.  If a student wishes to work after completing the Bachelor’s degree, there are opportunities for employment as laboratory scientists in both academic research labs as well as at pharmaceutical companies.

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