Paralegals are a valuable asset to lawyers, assisting them in the practice of law. While paralegals cannot give legal advice, set fees, or argue in court, they act as legal assistants to lawyers within a law office, corporation, government agency, or other entity.

Through education and training, paralegals gain the skills necessary to perform specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible.

Why You Should Choose Manor

The primary objective of the Paralegal Degree within our Manor College Legal Studies programs is to provide students with an education that will enable them to effectively assist lawyers in all phases of private and public law practice. To achieve this objective, the Paralegal Degree is designed to:

Paralegal degree in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills in each student;
  • Enable each student to become an effective communicator through training in research, writing, listening, and speaking skills;
  • Prepare each student to become a competent legal professional by providing theory, practical knowledge, and training; and
  • Provide a foundation in ethics and professional responsibility that will enable each student to recognize values and perform legal services in an ethical manner.

Go Further With Your Degree

Graduates of the Associate in Science Paralegal Degree Program can:

  • Work in a variety of employment venues including law firms, corporations, financial institutions, public service agencies and government offices.
  • Transfer to complete a Bachelor’s Degree, taking advantage of the many dual admission and articulation agreements Manor has with area 4-year colleges and universities.
  • Learn more about our Career Opportunities here

Career Opportunities

The most recent projections of the Bureau of Labor and Industry indicate that employment of paralegals and legal assistants will grow 14.6% percent between 2016 and 2026 which is considered to be a much faster growth rate than for most occupations.  The Legal Studies Department of Manor College offers placement assistance by counseling students on resume preparation, interviewing techniques and job search skills and by sponsoring networking events that allow students to connect with future employers.

In order to prepare students for paralegal employment, the Legal Studies program offers all students seminars relating to careers, job preparation and job search.  Networking events are held throughout the year that allow Manor students to meet working professionals and hone interpersonal skills.

Manor graduates are well-prepared to enter the legal workforce.  Manor Paralegals receive education and training that allow them to:Enroll in Paralegal courses at Manor College in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

  • Meet and communicate with clients, attorneys, judges, investigators and other court and legal personnel;
  • Perform factual and legal research on behalf of their clients;
  • Draft correspondence and court documents;
  • Create, organize, and maintain client files;
  • Summarize medical records and depositions;
  • Analyze and form solutions to client problems;
  • Use technology to further client representation;
  • Prepare and assist at trial;
  • Assist in managing the law office.

Many different kinds of people make excellent paralegals. No special training or knowledge is necessary to enter the program, but a candidate should:

  • An interest in the law
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • An outgoing personality
  • A strong desire to help others with their problems
  • An inquisitive nature
  • The ability to persist in searching for information and obtaining answers
  • Good organizational skills
  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team

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