Manor College is offering a variety of summer camps for children and teens!

Camps for Kids 

Movie Maker (ages 10-14)

Dates: June 25 – June 30 | Cost: $300 | 9am – 3pm
Aspiring filmmakers, aged 10 – 14 will learn to
produce films and video using the Apple iPad and learn to edit video using iMovie.  Students will work together to create storyboards, scripts, and to film and edit videos in this summer camp.
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Backyard Olympics  A, B, C, D (ages 7-13)

Dates: July 9 – 13, July 16 – 20, July 23 – 27, July 30 – Aug. 3 | $170 |12 – 3pm
This summer camp will focus on good sportsmanship and team building through popular family outdoor games such as: Kan Jam, Corn Hole, Ladder Golf, Zim Zam, Boccee Ball, Spike Ball, Horseshoes and Ultimate Frisbee! Includes complimentary frisbees and mini footballs for kids to take home!
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Chess Camp A, B, C, D (ages 7-15)

Dates: July 9 – 13, July 16 – 20, July 23 – 27, July 30 – Aug. 3 | $160 | 8:30 – 11:30am
This summer camp will be an introduction to chess and discussion of important themes throughout the opening, midgame, and endgame. Starting with basic piece movement, placement, and value we will then explore opening principles and learn the London. At the end of the week a chess tournament will be held with the winner ending with a trophy! All players will also receive their own chess board and pieces.
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Claymation Workshop (ages 10-14) 

Dates: July 16 – 20 ; July 23 – 27 | $300 | 9am – 3pm
This camp is a fun and exciting opportunity to bring figures or objects in clay to life on the screen!  For one week students will have the opportunity to write and produce a claymation film using storyboarding, editing and music.  During this week they will be using the Apple iPad and a host of apps including  IMovie, IMotion and StopMotion. Students will work together using the 21st Century Skills: collaboration and team work; creativity and imagination; critical thinking; problem solving. Kids can join for one or two weeks as they are interested.
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Fleming Tech Camps (various ages groups)

Dates: July 9 – 13, July 16 – 20, July 23 – 27, July 30 – Aug. 3, Aug. 6 – 10, Aug. 13 – 17 | $545
Are your kids interested in technology? Do they have an interest in building robots, coding, creating video games, building websites, or making amazing Minecraft worlds? Then you may want to check out Fleming Tech Camps. New for 2018, they are offering camps at Manor College. Fleming Tech Camps, a 21st century S.T.E.A.M. Fleming Tech Camps are designed to provide kids with hands-on experiences with computers, robots and other cool tech that encourages an interest in science, technology, computing and engineering.Each week of camp features unique, and specialized, technology topics which are lead by  instructors with an expertise in technology and teaching. During camp, the instructors guide campers through a week-long journey where campers are learning, discovering, creating and playing with cutting edge tech! Check out all of their full-day (8am to  6 pm – extended day is included in the price of camp) technology programs that they are offering this summer right here.

Got Science A, B, C (ages 9-14)

Dates: July 9 – 13, July 16 – 20, July 23 – 27 | $165 | 8:30 – 11:30am
This summer camp will allow kids to be inquisitive and creative while making them think critically. From building rockets to making slime and even growing our own elephant toothpaste, this will be a camp where every day is a new adventure. Hosted by Mike Pinkhasov ( For your convenience, kids can join for one, two or all three weeks as they are interested.
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Soccer Camp A, B, C (ages 7-13)

Dates: July 9 – 13, July 16 – 20, July 23 – 27, July 30 – Aug. 3 | $170 | 8:30 – 11:30am
Enjoy playing the world’s most popular sport and making some new friends along the way.  The sessions are designed to strengthen the skills of experienced players and teach the basics to those players new to this beautiful game.  We want our campers to get as many touches on the ball as possible in the time they have with us. Each day will focus on improving individual ball skills, movement off the ball, small sided games, and skill competition.  Each camper will receive a ball and should bring water and a snack. Click here to register!
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STEAM Camps 

Computer Coding for Beginners (ages 5-11)

Dates:  July 16 – 20 | $150 | 8:30 – 11:30am
In this summer camp, children will use technology to learn the basics of computer coding!  Using a special coding program, they will create projects that will help them develop problem-solving skills and allow them to explore their creativity.  Additional topics such as Internet safety and cyber-bullying will also be discussed.
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Harry Potter’s Magic & Science (ages 8-11)

Dates: July 30 – Aug. 3 | $150 | 8:30 – 11:30am
Do you enjoy the magical and mysterious world of wizards? Get ready for some Harry Potter-inspired science experiments and engineering challenges! Campers will partake in making colorful potions, and will get to use their design skills to invent and build their own dragons, magic wands, and much more!
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Lego Camp (ages 5-11)

Dates: July 9 – July 13 | $150 | 8:30 – 11:30am
Calling all Master Builders ages 5-8! If you enjoy playing with Legos at home, you are going to LOVE this week’s Lego Challenge!  Each day, campers will be given a challenge that involves using Legos to build a structure or simple machine. Math, art and technology will also be incorporated throughout the week!
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Star Wars and Science (ages 8-11)

Dates: July 23 – 27 | $150 | 8:30 – 11:30am
May the Force Be With You during your explorations at Star Wars & Science camp! Incorporating art, science, and engineering, campers will enjoy creating their own light sabers, Death Star models, and completing a science experiment to save Han Solo from carbonite! Math and technology will also be incorporated throughout the week.
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Camps for High School Students 

Culinary Camp for Beginners / Culinary Camp for Advanced (high school ages)

Beginners: July 16 – 20
Advanced: July 30 – Aug. 3
$379 | 9am – 3pm
This culinary camp will educate, entertain and inspire the budding chef.  Through both lecture and hands-on participation, students will learn basic kitchen skills, knife handling, meal preparation, kitchen safety, plate presentation, nutrition basics, and mindful eating concepts. The class will compete in a cooking competition judged by select Manor College faculty and staff on Thursday. Finally, the week will culminate with the students preparing a meal… for their parents!
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Veterinary Medicine A, B  (high school ages)

Dates: July 9 – 13, July 23 – 27 | $379 | 9am – 3pm
This science-based, academic camp introduces participants to the exciting world of Veterinary Medicine. This summer camp offers an interactive and fun experience to high school students as they explore the diversity of the Veterinary Medical Field. This camp is perfect for the passionate animal lover who is ready to take the next step!
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