Study for careers in high demand

The Division of Arts and Sciences at Manor College offers five associate degree programs and one bachelor degree program.  Focusing on humanities, social science, and natural science, these programs provide students with a broad range of knowledge and enriching experiences presented by dedicated faculty.

With mission present in all curriculum, study of the Arts and Sciences engages and drives career aspirations and allows students to develop an understanding of scientific, humanistic, and ethical principles that will prepare them to better understand our world and to compassionately and effectively serve our community.

Associate Degree Programs:

Liberal Arts
Pre-Radiologic Sciences

Bachelor Degree Programs:

Health Services



Nancy Ceranic, B.S. 
Microbiology Coordinator 

Anne Knop, M.A. 
Senior Associate Professor, Philosophy 

Madeline Seltzer, Ph.D.  
Professor, English 

Elizabeth Knauss, Ph.D.
Liberal Arts Program Director 

Diane Pevar, J.D. 
Dean/Director of Academic Support and Retention
Disabilities Services Officer

Julie Senecoff, Ph.D. 
Professor & Chair, Natural Sciences and and Mathematics 

Thomas Verni, M.A. 
Instructor of Religious Studies and Philosophy  

Leslie Weinfeld, M.Ed. 
Assistant Professor, Foundational Learning Coordinator 


Aneesh Khushman, M.D.
Professor, Natural Sciences

Christine Schoettle 


Matthew Smalarz, Ph.D. 
Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences Department