Dean of Students

Sister Marie Francis Walchonsky, OSBM 
Office: Academic Building, Second floor, across from the Chapel
215-885-2360 x278
The Dean of Students is the principal administrator directly responsible for the coordination and overall development of all non-academic Student Affairs. 

The Dean of Students and her staff always develop ways which will encourage all Manor students to cultivate a RESPONSIBLE LIFE-STYLE and Manor Community values inherent in the Catholic Basilian vision of REVERENCE (to regard with awe and esteem) RESPECT (thoughtful consideration, treating with care) and SERVICE TO ONE ANOTHER (contribution of one’s time and effort to help another) with “SPECIFIC AWARENESS” OF THE “ETHNIC DIVERSITY ON MANOR’S CAMPUS (by making students aware of the variety of cultures and nationalities which enrich all of us at Manor).
The main goal for the Student Affairs Departments is based upon Pope John Paul’s “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” “From the Heart of the Church”. The Holy Father challenges us to encourage ALL our students to continue the search for truth and meaning throughout their lives. His Holiness said: “the human spirit must be cultivated in such a way that there develops a growth in the student’s ability

  • to wonder
  • to understand
  • to contemplate
  • to make personal judgments, and
  • to develop a religious, moral and social sense”

The Student Affairs Staff strives to:

  • Know each student personally through extracurricular activities;
  • Encourage students to grow and mature spiritually, morally, intellectually and socially;
  • Help them develop fully as individuals, to respect life and human dignity, to develop mutual respect for and sensitivity to others, to value honesty and to develop an awareness for a just society in today’s world.

The Dean of Students and the Student Affairs staff provide the following services for students:

  • Athletic Intercollegiate Competitions
  • Campus Ministry Prayer and Liturgies
  • Campus-wide Security Force
  • Campus Security and Safety Procedures Manual and Report
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Counseling (Personal and Career)
  • Graduation
  • Health Services
  • International Student Support
  • Orientation
  • Residence Hall Living
  • Student Clubs and Activities
  • Student Conduct and Disciplinary Policies
  • Student Senate
  • Student Handbook and Publications
  • Transfer Services

The Dean of Students is the Director of:

  • Campus Ministry,
  • Health Services,
  • Residence Hall,
  • and Security,

The Dean of Students also oversees:

  • The Athletics Director,
  • The Director of Counseling,
  • The Director of Student Engagement,
  • The Resident Coordinator,
  • and the Student Affairs Coordinator