Student Senate

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The Student Senate of Manor College is our student government association, through which students may participate in event planning and policy-making. Manor College Senators are given the opportunity to represent the entire student body, shape the cadre of activities and events offered at Manor, and head all student clubs. Senate sponsors leadership activities and various volunteer and charity initiatives. To join or learn more information, please see the Student Senate Advisor, Allison Mootz in the Student Activities Office or by email,

2014-2015 Student Senate
Sarah Clymer

Vice President
Ciara Fredericks

Jenny Martinez/Layla Goodman

Lesia Dubenko

Events Coordinator
Amy Volosevich

Residence Hall Representative
Sierra Wilkinson

Athletic Representative
Julianne Kostic

Jenna Kim Lewis
Rick Meissler
Quari Whitsett
Madeline Osborne

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