Rape and Sexual Violence

Acquaintance rape is a form of sexual violence defined under our policy as any act in which a person forces another person with whom he or she is acquainted to engage in sexual activity against his or her will or without his or her consent.  Assent, if it is given by a person who, because of youth, mental disability or intoxication, is unable to make a reasonable judgment, does not constitute consent.  This policy applies to groups as well as individuals.

Support Services

Manor College will provide support for victims of rape and any form of sexual violence, and is committed to providing resources and processes for prevention, education, reporting, adjudication, protection from retaliation and sanctions.  The Director of Counseling at Manor College is the designated coordinator of support services for individuals who have been victimized.

Any member of the community who is a victim of sexual violence is encouraged to seek support and assistance and to report the incident to the Security Department, immediately. 

Reporting Procedures

Due to the sensitive nature of rape and other sexual assaults, the victim may disclose the incident some time after it has occurred, but the victim is nonetheless encouraged to contact Counseling Department at 215-885-6299, extension 279, for support and assistance, and to report the incident as soon as possible.  Students may also report an incident by dialing 292 from a campus telephone. The individual will be advised of health, legal and other support services available on- and off-campus, and the victim will be assisted in accessing these services.

Incidents that are reported to the appropriate departments at Manor College will be addressed promptly and will be treated as discretely as possible.  The procedures that govern the investigation of acquaintance rape will take into account both the need to gather the facts and the rights of all parties involved in the incident.

Those within the campus community who are found responsible for rape or other sexual violence are subject to College sanctions, which may include suspension or expulsion from the College.  The individual also may be subject to prosecution by the office of the District Attorney under Pennsylvania criminal statutes.  In any College disciplinary proceeding involving charges of sexual assault, the accused and the accuser are entitled to the same opportunity to have others present during the proceeding and both the accused and the accuser are informed of the outcome of the proceeding.