Crime Prevention Tips

Manor College students and employees can do much to protect themselves from crime.  Many crimes occur only because there is an opportunity for them to happen.  On a campus like Manor College, it is easy to think that nothing will ever happen, but crime can happen anywhere at any time.  Always follow these safety tips:

On Campus

At night, walk in well-lighted areas.

Walk and jog in pairs or groups, especially at night or in out-of-the-way places.

Do not ignore your intuition; if you suspect you are being followed, change direction and head for a campus building or a group of people.

Security will provide escort service after dark from one building to another, and to and from parking lots, upon request of any student, faculty, and staff member.

If a driver stops to ask you for directions, do not get too close to the vehicle and risk being pulled inside.

If you see a suspicious person, call Security at ext. 292, immediately.  Be able to describe the person by sex; race; color, texture and length of hair; body size and shape; clothing; scars and other noticeable markings; mode of travel, and if by vehicle, the type, color and license plate number.

Do not keep or carry large sums of money on campus.  Keep your money in a checking account that provides access to funds through an ATM.

Engrave all valuable property with your ID number and identify your personal property with your name.  Report all thefts to security, ext. 292.

Do not leave backpacks or books unattended, including in your vehicle.  Print your name inside every textbook you own.

While in class or in the library, keep personal belongings in view.

St. Josaphat Residence Hall

Always lock the door to your room, even if you step out just for a second.

If someone unknown to you asks to go past the Residence Hall Security checkpoint with you, for any reason, say NO and immediately notify Security.

Never prop open your room door.

Never loan your room key to anyone.  Report all lost, stolen or missing keys immediately to Security, ext. 292, and your RA.

Report any unknown persons loitering in, or around the Residence Hall to Security, ext. 292.

Never leave valuables, like your wallet, purse, checkbook or jewelry, in open view.


Always lock your car doors, when you are in the car and when it is parked.

Park under a light or in well-lit areas, of parking lots.

Always check the back seat before getting in your vehicle.

Have your car keys in your hand, ready to open the door, as you approach your vehicle.  Do not fumble in your purse, backpack, or pockets looking for your keys.

Do not pick up hitchhikers.

If you have car trouble, exit your car on the passenger side, and tie a white cloth on your antenna.  Get back in your vehicle and lock your doors.  Do not roll down the windows all the way.  Only roll down your window an inch or two, to ask for help or to give a phone number.  Never allow someone to fix the problem or give you a ride.  Do not get out of the car until summoned help or police assistance arrives.

If possible, subscribe to an emergency road service, like AAA.

If you think you are being followed, drive directly to the nearest police or fire station, or if on campus, to the 24-hour Residence Hall Security Post in St. Josaphat Hall.

We encourage all members of the campus community to use common sense and caution to protect themselves and their property.