Summer Camps


Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
This science based, academic camp introduces students to the exciting world of Veterinary Medicine. This camp offers an interactive and fun experience to students as they explore the diversity of the Veterinary Medical Field. Topics include: animal CPR, common animal breeds, pet foods, comparative anatomy and career options in veterinary medicine.

Culinary Camp 101
Turn off the Food Network and get your hands dirty. This culinary camp will educate, entertain and inspire the budding chef. Through both lecture and hands-on participation, students will learn basic kitchen skills, knife handling, meal preparation, kitchen safety, plate presentation, nutrition basics, and mindful eating concepts. The participants will make a variety of foods using cooking techniques such as: sautéing, roasting, baking, boiling, poaching, braising, grilling, broiling and steaming. The class will compete in a cooking competition judged by select Manor College faculty and staff on Thursday. Finally, the week will culminate with the students preparing a meal … for their parents! (see more pictures on our flickr page)

Introduction to Forensics Camp
Experience the real-life responsibilities of a forensic scientist. This camp offers a hands-on way to learn how the experts solve crimes using DNA samples. Topics include: fingerprinting techniques, blood spatter analysis, footprint castings, fracture matching, saliva/amylase analysis and career options in forensic science. Campers will have the opportunity to visit a forensic science laboratory. By the end of the week, campers will solve a whodunit mystery using the techniques taught in camp.