Civil War Institute

Civil War Testimonials

Comments from our students about our civil war workshops:

“Course was excellent. Instructor was very knowledgeable and very pleasant”
“I loved it!!!”
“ Very informative”
“Good use of slides/photos”
(Gettysburg Aftermath)

“Excellent handouts and presentation”
“Excellent class, very informative”
Secession: The Battle for Southern Independence
“Awesome discussions, much interaction, follow up and questions; Excellent class!”
“One of the best classes I ever took”
“Strong $$ value – well worth the tuition”
“Well done! This series of courses is an asset to Manor”
“One of the BEST courses I’ve taken at Manor – really sets the stage for understanding what happened during the civil war and why. Excellent handouts!”
(Blue Water Brown Water – Civil War Navies)

“Great insight!”
“Instructors well versed”
(Civilians in the Civil War)

“Hugh keeps gruesome information in perspective showing whole picture – great message interpreting all of the untold parts of this war!  Thank You!”
“This class is informative and creates a better awareness of how prisoners were treated during the Civil War in contrast to present prisoners of war.”
“Terrific class – can’t wait for the next one!”
“Instructor had explicit knowledge, gave various antecdotes , was quite interesting and better than most of my history instructors!”
“It was all good, very informative.  It helped me appreciate what people suffered and sacrificed for their country.”
(Prisons & Prisoners)

“The instructor had a great deal of knowledge and told many interesting stories about these little unknown actions and the commanders involved.  It was very interesting!! “
“I had a great experience.  I wish it was longer”
“Very informative class, enthusiastic instructor.  Would be happy to take another seminar with Herb”
(Perfect Shower of Bullets)

“Dr. Ricks was very knowledgeable and engaging.  This was an excellent and pleasant learning experience.  I look forward to other courses with Dr. Ricks.”
(Civil War Music on the March)

Teacher, materials and maps – Excellent!
Totally engrossing!  Thank you!
“Since I appreciate maps, I was very pleased with Ms. Caldwell’s efforts.  I can imagine the amount of work she must have put into this class.  She did a fine job making facts & figures come alive.”
(Appomattox Campaign)

“Great lecturer!”
“This is my second class with Jerry Carrier – he knows his history!”
“Great job – enthusiastic and knowledgeable”
(Charleston:  Cradle of Secession)

“Great class.  Herb has many good anecdotes which truly enhance the material covered.  His collection of artifacts really enhanced the class. “
“Well selected handouts, illustrations are great”
“Instructor is superb – extremely knowledgeable , enthusiastic, always clear, welcoming of inquiries.  Fantastic course.  I’d take any course by this instructor.”
 (Life of the Common Soldier)

 “One of the best courses on civil war that I’ve taken”
“Animated, informative, humorous, skilled, entertaining, fascinating, a treasure for all students.  Thank you for Hugh Boyle”
“Superb, excellent classes!  Hugh Boyle is a genius.  Has a brilliant knowledge of Lincoln and the civil war.”
(Lincoln:  A Life)

 “Excellent handouts and presentation”
“Excellent class, very informative”
(Blue Water- Brown Water)

“This was most interesting – to see various teaching methods and approaches to the same topic.”
“Very enjoyable course!”
(Civil War Overview)

“Course was excellent.  Instructor was very knowledgeable and very pleasant”
“I loved it!!!”
“No weaknesses – Strengths were the side comments from the texgt that was read;  Very informative”
“Good use of slides/photos”
(Gettysburg: Aftermath of a Battle)


I have always had a deep love and appreciation of American History, the Civil War in particular.  I am an avid reader and have enjoyed reading about the people and battles of that era.  When my wife informed me that she had seen a sign outside of Manor College announcing the Civil War enrichment courses “I jumped right on it”, and called the college immediately for course information.  I was mailed a brochure, read through the course descriptions and signed up.  How pleasantly surprised I was when I went to my first class over two years ago and met fascinating instructors along with dedicated students who all share a passion for this four year conflict which changed our nation forever.

After putting in a full day at work I have to search for the energy to gulp down dinner and head out for school, but once arriving at Manor College my focus and energy are restored.  How wonderful it is after 35 years away from college to be involved in academic activity and engage in thought provoking discussion with instructors and classmates of all ages and walks of life.  These courses provided by Manor College have been a vehicle to continue learning and challenging my mind, while helping me to discover what has become another “new world”.  Through these classes I was introduced to the Civil War Round Table, a very prestigious group with a true interest in all aspects of the Civil War.  I am now a member of that group and enjoy their monthly meetings and speakers.

So, for the past two years I have attended as many classes as possible at Manor College.  My life has been enriched by the experience, my library has expanded and I have met truly fascinating people.  I took the required courses for my Certificate, but that was simply a goal that I wanted to reach.  In attaining that goal I did not stop taking classes because the truth is that I am “hooked”.  I can only hope that Manor College will continue to offer courses on the Civil War so that I can continue to share my passion and continue to learn. 

One other by product, my wife and I began to search out the family history and found that my family are pretty “new” to the United States, but we were easily able to track some of her ancestors back to the Civil War and guess what…they fought for the South? J

Jerrold Rosenthal

“From a personal standpoint, I came to the Institute at the point where the DVCWRT (Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table) courses were first hosted by Manor College, largely out of curiosity.  (At the time, I fancied myself a fairly knowledgeable amateur student of the Civil War.)  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and level of the courses and the evident background of the instructors.  The instructional style and level of intensity vary from course to course, but in the dozen or so courses I have taken, I have never been disappointed at what I gained from a course.  Memorization of laundry lists of dates and participants is not a priority.  (As an aside, the quality of the courses and the individual character of the instructors prompted me jo join the DVCWRT, and I have not been disappointed in that experience either.)

     Instruction varies from lecture to a fairly high level of student participation; class notes and supplementary information typically accompany the instructors’ presentations.  While formal examinations are not required, many of the instructors offer an informal “test,” with answers forthcoming if needed, at the end of the course.  As a long time teacher myself, I appreciate the style variations and the level of effort and preparation clearly evident in the course presentations.

     I offer my thanks to the DVCWRT instructors, and, in addition, to Manor College and its Department of Continuing Education for their continuing support.

Matthew Bruce
Retired educator and author